Thursday, April 8, 2010

Great Times at a Park West Art Event

Park West Gallery prides itself on providing its collectors with memorable, informative events. Whether you’ve joined us for our Cruise Art Auctions or a land-based event, let us know what you thought. Park West Gallery receives customer reviews regarding many aspects of our events such as the Art Auctioneers, the Park West artists, and the Park West Gallery Art Collection – and we enjoy reading them all.

Dear Albert,

Emerald Eyes. Otto Aguiar.We would like to thank you for the wonderful V.I.P. event that you invited us to. It was a great experience and many friendships were made. We would also like to mention what a wonderful team of experts you have.

Your son Marc was such a gentleman and so thoughtful to all that attended. He was the best host. Donna is an absolute DOLL she was so kind to everyone and made us feel like family, you are truly blessed with her. Jason and Laura are a great team on there own. He is so knowledgeable about all your art works. We were so amazed by him. As for Laura she can coordinate a party for us anytime. Many gold stars to her.

To Jin, Cat, Sebelle, Alex and Sammy the best team work we've ever seen. Save the best for last was seeing Laura M. ( Laura #2 ); we met her last year when she worked with Arthur. She was a real busy bee then. I wish you could have seen her presentations that she made. She was such a crowd pleaser and Dom and I were so proud of her as I'm sure you all are.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and much more success in all your events. Bless all of you.


Teri & Dom M.
Roslyn Heights, NY


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