Thursday, July 5, 2012

Park West Gallery VIP Event: Las Vegas

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"No Shoes, No Problem" by Marko Mavrovich
Park West Gallery Collection

Dear Park West Gallery,

"Tom and I are so grateful that we were invited to the VIP event in Las Vegas. We were anxious to meet PETER MAX and SCOTT JACOBS, what a delight that was.

We enjoyed up close and personal conversations with SCOTT JACOBS at dinner as we were lucky enough to have the honor of sitting next to him. We found him to be very personable and willing to share his love of art with people. Thank you Scott, you are just too cute.

Meeting PETER MAX was not what I expected. We found him to be a very profound man about his life and mainly his art. I found myself sitting in the front row on about 1/2" of my chair. I don't think I blinked one time, for fear of missing one word from him. We received his book today and I can't wait to sit down in a quiet place and lose myself in it. We are anxiously awaiting our painting 'FLAG WITH HEART.'

One of our other favorite artists is ANATOLE KRASNYANSKY. When we were waiting for everyone to gather, and I turned around and saw ANATOLE KRASNYANSKY standing there with his cute little wife, I know my mouth dropped open. What a sweet couple, and such a delight to meet. We are also awaiting his painting 'City's Conscience.' What a wonderful painting, with the bottom half being his city scape and the top being of his newer American style.

And then came MARKO MAVROVICH and what a wonderful personality he exudes. We found him to be quite a character, with his hand painted boots and shirt. We found him to be so unpretentious. He would be great fun to attend a party with, and we suspect he would be the life of the party. Love you Marko.

We are very much looking forward to attending another VIP event. When you meet the artist and find yourself enthralled with their work, you can't help but purchase one of their paintings."

Grover Beach, California
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