Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Magnificent Time with Park West Gallery Staff

"Rostov Kremlin"
Anatole Krasnyansky
Park West Gallery Collection
We recently enjoyed a magnificent cruise on the Celebrity Constellation. An absolute highlight of the cruise was the Park West art gallery, art talks and art auction. First of all we had no idea that this was available on the cruise ship. We learned so much from the pre-auction talks that we quickly developed a keen interest in art. In the end we acquired a number of works of art from the auctions and are very happy with these acquisitions. We cannot stress highly enough how impressed we were with the professionalism and assistance given by your staff on the cruise.

Peter & Agnes W.
Perth, Western Australia

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cruisers Thank Park West Gallery for Wonderful Event

Linda Le Kinff
Park West Gallery
Thank you for our Alaskan Cruise ... we had a fabulous time with Linda Le Kinff and Dominic Pangborn. I could not have been invited to a more perfect event as Linda is my all time favorite artist. Her artwork literally hangs in every room in my house. And of course, thank you to the Park West Gallery hosts... Jordin, Tim, Jen, Laura, Simon and Felix, who did a wonderful job.

Sheila Y.
Austin, TX

"Quartet II"
Anatole Krasnyansky
Park West Gallery Collection
We had such a wonderful time on our cruise attending all the Park West Gallery events. We have never been on one before, but we ended up getting several great pieces of artwork. Jacqui and Damian were such a great help as they had a lot of information to share with all of us. I really learned a lot.

Christina & Nick F.
Poulsbo, WA

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Park West Gallery Auctioneer Goes “Extra Mile” for Customer

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband, Robert and I have been Park West Gallery art collectors for a number of years and have dealt with different auctioneers on the different cruise lines. Recently we took a trip on Carnival's Paradise ship the week of July 13, 2010 and I can honestly say that Michael V. is by far the best auctioneer that we have encountered working for Park West Gallery. You always expect the auctioneer to be knowledgeable about the artist and art work he is exhibiting. I attended both auctions at sea and Michael went above and beyond to make sure all the attendees were familiar with the artist and his artwork. What was different about Michael's style was that he came across as very genuine and sincere. He was truly interested in not only selling art but in making sure that everyone was enjoying themselves and leaving the auction happy. Where his efforts truly stood out was in how he handled my art purchase on this cruise. I felt he truly extended himself to go above and beyond what was expected in the sale of my art work. Michael truly went the extra mile and is to be commended by Park West Gallery for being such a dedicated and knowledgeable employee. I hope to see deal with him again on another cruise and purchase more art work!


Linda S.
Coral Springs, FL

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Park West Art Auction Seminars Are Enjoyable and Educational

My name is Manuel and I recently took a cruise to the Baltic Capitals aboard the Norwegian Sun with my wife and two kids. The reason why I am writing you is to extend my most sincere congratulations regarding your Park West Gallery staff onboard.

Bright Spring Day
Slava Brodinsky
Park West Gallery Collection
The Park West Gallery art auctions conducted by Mitch and Violeta outperform any of the other auctions I have attended for several reasons. First of all, the auctions were extremely interesting and educational since the broad knowledge of both of them was very clear to all who attended. Furthermore, the way they conducted such auctions were FUN since they have a great sense of humor.

Another thing we (my wife and 13 year old daughter) really appreciated were the Park West Gallery art seminars on the cruise. We attended all five of them and it was really impressive the amount of information and knowledge Mitch had, along with the very precise and complementary information of Violeta. I am very grateful that they took the time because my 13 year old daughter would rather have come with us to the seminars instead of going to the pool or hang out. When I asked her, the explanation was very simple; “they are really interesting and I want to know more so I can enjoy the collection we have back home”. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! In addition, one of the seminars was about Marc Chagall. During the seminar, Mitch mentioned the story of the roof of the Opera House in Paris. When we went to Paris after the cruise ended, the first thing my daughter told me when we entered the Opera House was that she wanted to go see the Chagall painting on the roof.

Also I would like to share with you my appreciation for the time they gave me to talk about art and also to share the different perspectives on how to buy, collect, share, enjoy and appreciate art. As I told both Mitch and Violeta on the final day - THEY MADE MY CRUISE.

Congratulations to you and Park West Gallery for having these wonderful people on your staff.


Best Regards,

Manuel C.
Tijuana, Mexico

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Customers Thank Park West Gallery for Their Experience

Spirit of Ecstasy II
Peter Nixon
Park West Gallery Collection
I was on the (RCI Independence) cruise and I must say it was the best cruise we ever took. Sales and auctioneers were fabulous. They actually treated us like we were royalty. We have been to a lot of your auctions and yes, they are all good but we must say this was beyond the best we have ever experienced. Every single detail that they planned for us was unbelievable - right down to the little things. I would buy art from (Park West Gallery) anytime. We are looking forward to our next Park West Gallery VIP auction. Thanks have to be given where they are deserved.  Thank you again, and looking forward to seeing you again.

Ken & Gwendy K.
Glen Burnie, Md


South Beach
Alexander Chen
Park West Gallery Collection
Just wanted you to know that I had a great time at my first Park West Gallery art auction (Carnival Freedom May 28th, 2010).  I have been on over 50 cruises in over 30 years and always saw (Park West Gallery auctions) but never attended. I stumbled into one afternoon, spent $10,000, and had a great time. Now I’m just waiting for all my art to arrive so I can go on another cruise and buy something else to put on my wall to enjoy.

Greg W.
Huntsville, AL


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Andrew Bone Collector Thanks Park West Gallery

Andrew Bone
African Majesty
Dear Mr. Scaglione:

My wife Patsy and I want to thank you for inviting us to the Park West Gallery event this last month. This is the second time that we have attended such an event. We also helped celebrate Yaacov Agam’s 80th birthday in 2008 which was unforgettable.

I know you must hear this all the time, but I would like to say it again for the record. You have a lovely family. It was a pleasure meeting your wife Mitsie for the first time and, as always, I continue to enjoy my relationship with your son Marc. Us “car guys” are never at a loss for good conversation.

The Park West Gallery event was as enjoyable as ever. As you may know, my wife and I are Andrew Bone collectors. What a thrill it was for us to have the rare opportunity to collect Andrew’s most important piece to date, the life-sized elephant.

We continue to be great fans of  Park West Gallery. To your credit, your staff is the finest I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. They are not only totally professional, but have become good friends as well. We are particularly fond of Morrie, Jason, Laura, Donna, Se’belle, Ann Marie and our special favorite, Jin.

May God continue to bless you.

Harry B.
Garland, TX

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Customer Thanks Park West Gallery for Memorable Cruise and Rembrandt House Tour

Dear Marc:

Thank you so much for your letter thanking me and Tom for joining you on Celebrity Constellation VIP Baltic cruise. My goodness! I should be thanking you, Morry, Se’belle and your entire staff for inviting us and for showing us such a wonderful, memorable time in the Baltic.

You mentioned being a fan of Peter Nixon’s work, as am I. I had the privilege of meeting him on a Park West Gallery Mexican Riviera VIP cruise in 2009, and had the winning bid on his “Mosaic Horse II” original painting on this Baltic cruise.

The Artist's Mother with her Hand on her Chest
Rembrandt Van Rijn
Park West Gallery Collection
My favorite master has to be Rembrandt. I am the proud owner of a lifetime etching as well as a piece from the Millennium series, both purchased at Park West Gallery events. This was my first visit to Rembrandt’s home, and when I saw an etching that is hanging on my wall – from Park West Gallery - hanging on the wall of (Rembrandt’s) home, I was so overcome that I literally showed it to everyone I could find including, but not limited to, Jason, Laura, Se’belle, and my friend Tom.

I would be remiss if I failed to say how much I enjoy the overall experience of being surrounded by the artwork and artists – and learning – a continuing educational experience – about the works as well as the artists. At times I feel as if I’m back in school learning from Jason’s and others’ expertise.

Again, thank you for all of your consideration and I look forward to seeing you at future events.

Hudson, FL

Monday, August 2, 2010

Park West Gallery Auctioneers Get Kudos from Customers!

The Art Auctioneers running the Park West Gallery Cruise Art Auctions onboard cruise ships around the world enjoy helping first-time collectors and seasoned collectors alike in acquiring the perfect artworks for their personal collections. Next time you find yourself cruising, be sure to find the Art Auctioneers and check out the Park West Gallery Art Collection onboard.

Rhythm in the Tropics
Alfred Gockel
Park West Gallery Collection
We just returned from our cruise and wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had at the Park West Gallery art auctions. Jackie, Damian and Louie were unbelievable. The nicest people we met on the cruise. I sat for every auction and enjoyed every second. They are a wonderful team and work great together. Looking forward to our next cruise and Park West Gallery art auction.

Thank you so much.

Mary Elaine D.
Dalton, PA


Mediterranean Dreams
Park West Gallery Collection
My wife and I had the most enjoyable time at the art auctions conducted by Leo, Philip, and Annie. Leo's presentation was filled with humor as well as teaching at a level novice collectors such as ourselves can understand and absorb. Leo and Philip 'lit a fire in us' to begin to truly collect works of art not just pictures and that as soon as we arrived home, we began researching the works that we purchased and can't wait for them to arrive. We are looking forward to our next cruise.


Dave and Sandy N.
Poughquag, NY

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