Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sharing Art Knowledge, Expertise and Insight

"Heaven Sent" by Noah | Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for including us at the collectors event at Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch. It was indeed a pleasure to meet [Mr. Shapiro] and have the opportunity to share in [his] knowledge, expertise and insights of the art community. The beauty and majesty of the location and the friendliness of the group combined to offer a memorable weekend. It is always special to meet the artists and realize the inspiration and vision behind their works. Your staff took the time and effort to make us feel welcome and their efficiency and gracious service did not go unnoticed. Once again, Thank You. We are looking forward to receiving our artworks."

Jamestown, Colorado

"Sorry this is so late in coming. I think of dropping a line but everything I think of seems lame. I am so insignificant when it comes to art. I wish I had brought a notebook to your talks on some of the older artists so I could have taken notes. The paintings were so soothing; you could have just one and be happy. I need to take an art appreciation class from you... Anyway thanks for all of your hospitality and talks. We enjoyed both."


Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Trip with Park West Gallery Was a Great Experience

"Big Thunder" by Tim Yanke
Park West Gallery Collection

Dear Park West Gallery,

"We want to express our thanks to the whole Park West Gallery Team. Everyone made the experience highly enjoyable, and we came away with a greater knowledge and appreciation of art as well as some very nice pieces that will be beautiful additions to our collection.

Meeting Noah, Tim, and Leslie (again!) enriched the experience and added depth to the art that each brings to our world. It is valuable to put a personality to the art that we have. Please thank them as well for their efforts when the opportunity presents. 

We also know that it takes a great deal of work behind the scenes to make an event work so seamlessly, and we want to recognize the efforts of all to make the week as wonderful as it was. 

Please pass our thanks along to all who worked so hard to make our trip with Park West Gallery a great experience."

La Mesa, California

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Art Collectors Love Park West Gallery VIP Treatment

"Late Night with Friends"
by Anatole Krasnyansky
Park West Gallery Collection

Dear Park West Gallery, 

"I just wanted to thank you again... even the FedEx deliveries are VIP! They call me to schedule a convenient delivery day/time and treat the delivery as very special. I did not think the Park West Gallery VIP treatment continued beyond the wonderful cruise. I have about 8 boxes here that I haven't even opened yet...Chanukah in August!"

Chandler, Arizona
"We just went on a 12-day cruise in Europe with the Carnival Magic. As you well know, Park West Gallery has a team on this ship. We went to all their auctions and events and we really want to say that we have never seen anything like it. It was AMAZING! The job they did was beyond great. They took the auctions, events and customer care to a whole new level. They made fun events and auctions with a fantastic atmosphere and energy. The art was presented in a perfect way both in the gallery and during the auction. We bought quite a few paintings and we are more than 200% amazed at the customer care and they work they did in all parts of the cruise. [The auction team] did the best job we have ever seen on any cruise or land auction or gallery. Park West Gallery should be proud to have all of those people on their list of employees and we think you are very lucky to have such a talented, knowledgeable and skilled team!"

Oslo, Norway
"Everyone we met from Park West Gallery these last few days made us feel like a part of the family. And, more than that, all of the people who attended became friends. We are actually in contact with some of them now! The artists whom we met couldn't have been more personable. How lucky Park West is to have these people represent the gallery."

Barrington, Illinois
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