Thursday, June 14, 2012

Excited About Art

Dear Park West Gallery,

"I'm a fly-on entertainer with Carnival and have been on 14 different ships performing over the last 18 months. Last week I was cruising with my my wife who 'strongly suggested' we check out the art gallery. It is not something I was interested in doing but since my better half wanted to go, we did.

First, [the art associate] was fantastic. She noticed a certain Igor Medvedev piece I was eying and warmly approached us and told us all about the artist and his style. [She] then mentioned the art auction and kindly asked us to come.

The auction was rather captivating. As a person who speaks and performs for a living I was very impressed with [the art auctioneer]; he did a fantastic job: Wonderful cadence, great timing, funny and extremely informative.

I made a point at my comedy show to tell the 500 people in attendance they should definitely go to the art auction... Never have I ever been excited about art... After that experience I look forward to collecting more.

Thanks so much to [the staff]. The 8 weeks it takes to ship them to our place will be long, however I am so looking forward to getting them up on the wall."

Milton, Ontario

igor medvedev, park west gallery, cruise art auctions
"Emerald Harbor" by Igor Medvedev
Park West Gallery Collection

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your employees, both on the ship (Carnival Liberty – Mar 24 - Mar 31, 2012) and off (your customer service and land sales organization).

First of all on the ship, three of the gentlemen working in the gallery were all so very nice it was an absolute pleasure working with them.

To top it all off, every time I walked into the gallery on the ship, these guys knew who I was by name and they all treated me and my friends like we were long lost friends. It was so inviting and it definitely made me WANT to do business with Park West Gallery. They are an awesome team! 

Once I got home I realized that in the flurry of last minute negotiations, the 'Aloha Bugs' print was not on my final order, so I called customer service and explained what happened. (I called the Saturday before Easter, so I was surprised anyone was even there.) They were very nice, listened to me and made sure they understood the nature of my call before they transferred me to sales... I was so very impressed with how nice [the sales associate] was and how quickly she was able to help me out… and all on a Saturday!

So overall… at every step of the way, your folks were professional, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly knew how to get the job done. I have purchased from Park West Gallery in the past and I will continue to do so in the future… and of course, I have been telling anyone who will listen what a great experience it was.

Park West Gallery should be very proud of a job well done by everyone I encountered."

Cincinnati, Ohio

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Epic Cruise Experiences with Park West Gallery

victor spahn, park west gallery, cruise art auctions, norwegian cruise line
"Notre Dame" by Victor Spahn
Park West Gallery Collection

Dear Park West Gallery,

"We just can't stop smiling!! Dallas and I had THE BEST time of our lives last week on the VIP Cruise on NCL's EPIC. We both wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and planning since I know this is no easy task.

It was fantastic getting to meet all of the artists. This gave us a much better appreciation and understanding of their art, which is important. Also, what a treat getting to talk with Mr. Scaglione and his wife. Both were warm and friendly, making us feel part of the Park West Gallery family.

We are excited about the art we purchased and can't wait for it to arrive. Thanks again!"

Boca Raton, Florida 
"I just wanted to let [you] know that we had a great time on the VIP cruise out of Miami on NCL. My wife and I very much enjoyed meeting the artists Peter Max, Dominic Pangborn, Victor Spahn, and Jean-Claude Picot. We are very happy with our purchases of the Spahn and Pangborn paintings and are looking forward to receiving those along with our Rembrandt etching. The Park West Gallery staff [was] also very nice. Meeting and making friends with other art collectors was fantastic.

I also enjoyed meeting and listening to Albert Scaglione speak. I felt a strong affinity toward him since we’re both of Italian-American decent from north New Jersey with technical backgrounds, strong faith, and an appreciation of art. His speech concerning the four 'C’s' and his knowledge that true religion is 'taking care of the widows and orphans' was very revealing. 

We look forward to enjoying our growing art collection for years to come and hope to add more to it..."

Fort Washington, Maryland
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