Friday, July 29, 2011

Cruise Auction Guests Find a Passion for Art

Dear Park West Gallery,

"While I did not purchase art on my recent cruise (we did win a piece) I thought I would drop you a note about your team.

The auctioneer was excellent. He was so good that my wife and I attended both auctions. I wanted to thank him and let you know how much we appreciated his insight and history of the artists. His passion for art was obvious.

I hope that soon we will be able to afford some fine art and it will be from your gallery. This is due to [the auctioneer]. I doubt he would even know who we were, as we were just two of many faces in a crowd.

Please let him and the rest of the team know he has turned two ordinary people into two people who are now fully interested in learning more about the artists he spoke of and art in general... so much so I have been perusing your site since I have been home (just this morning!). You have an excellent associate there."

Jensen Beach, Florida

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thrilled to Meet the Artists at Park West Gallery Events

"She Speaks Softly" by Itzchak Tarkay
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

Just a belated note to thank you and all of your associates at Park West Gallery for making the weekend in Dearborn, Michigan enjoyable and exciting. What a thrill to meet Peter Max and Itzchak Tarkay, as well as David Najar and Tim Yanke! We just received the photos which were taken of us with the artists and our art work, and have already gotten a couple of the pieces which we purchased that weekend.

All the details of the various events were carefully planned and executed, and it was obvious that much effort and expense went into the lavish entertaining. The instruction from the artists was enlightening, the entertainment was lively, and the food was fabulous.

Thanks once again for giving us the opportunity and the honor to spend time with you and Albert Scaglione and the many art collectors we met in Dearborn.

Northbrook, Illinois

Friday, July 22, 2011

Park West Gallery Gives Back

Dear Albert and Mitsie,

"We were so delighted to see you recognized in the 'Giving Back' column of The Free Press today. It's so nice to see all the fine work your doing for the community being recognized. We've always felt that you and Park West Gallery are so much more than a business."

Washington, Michigan

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Experience Art Appreciation at Sea with Park West Gallery

Dear Park West Gallery,

"We would like to inform you about our exceptional experience with [the Park West Gallery staff] this past week on board the cruise ship Destiny.

We purchased two Peter Max mixed media lithographs and can't wait for them to arrive at our home. I wanted to buy more but my wife put a clamp on the purse strings!

Our four teenagers were newly exposed to art and were encouraged (and did) attend their first art auction. [The Park West Gallery] team was very enthusiastic and their enthusiasm was contagious - our children told us that they now have a new appreciation for art.

The team answered all of our questions seriously and respectfully. They were all very personable and accommodating which led to a memorable family experience."

Carmel, Indiana

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Park West Gallery Art Auctions Are Informative and Fun

"Lilac Cottage" by Thomas Kinkade
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"[The art auctioneer] and his staff were very friendly, intelligent and extremely knowledgeable in their work. They were always smiling and happy.

Every single person on staff made me & my fiancee's trip. Because of their hard work, creativity and energy, we bought paintings that we never thought we would. We will follow them for our next cruise.

I will always highly recommend them to anyone that is interested in buying an art piece. THEY MADE OUR TRIP GREAT!"

Staten Island, New York
I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the auctions on our cruise, and all the great information I learned from [the art auctioneer] and his staff. We are looking forward to receiving our art we purchased."

Leesburg, Florida
"We enjoy the print that we purchased during our cruise trip back Oct. 2010, on the Norwegian Jewel.

My mother & I have fond memories of the art shows, how helpful the art auctioneer was and his informative knowledge!

Now, when I visit some art galleries here on the north shore of Long Island, or the Hampton's, I'll have confidence in what I learned from Park West Gallery!

Long Island, New York

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can't Wait for Our Park West Gallery Art

"Icon" by Alfred Gockel
Park West Gallery Collection
Park West Gallery,

"We just returned from our cruise and cannot wait for our art to arrive. We are so delighted with the two Gockel Hearts and the Peter Max Love print.

[Your team was] wonderful to work with. [The art auctioneer] spent a considerable amount of time with us, learning about the artwork we already have (also purchased through Park West Gallery) and what are hopes were for this purchase.

We always thought Peter Max was out of our price range but [the auctioneer] and the Park West Gallery team were able to do wonders for us. All through the cruise when [the auctioneer] would see us and our two boys he was friendly, remembered our names and made the boys feel welcome in the gallery. He showed genuine interest in my 11-year-old's desire to draw and paint and even requested a picture from him. He made Daulton feel very important.

Thank you to the cruise team and to Park West Gallery for making it so easy for novice art collectors like us to enjoy the auction experience and collect beautiful pieces of art. We can't wait for our next cruise and our purchase (fingers crossed) of a Charles Lee!"

Pacifica, California

Monday, July 18, 2011

Carnival Cruisers Enjoy Park West Gallery Art Auctions

"Aloha Bugs" | Warner Bros. Studio
Park West Gallery Animation Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"I recently took another wonderful Carnival cruise and one of the highlights of each cruise is the art auction by Park West Gallery.

I must say on this cruise (Carnival Freedom, sail date May 29, 2011) the two gentlemen and the two ladies were the finest team I have ever observed thus far.

My wife and I purchased a very nice piece of art at a very reasonable price at auction.

I will certainly relay my experience with the Carnival management team as well.

Good work!"

Charleston, Tennessee

Friday, July 15, 2011

Really Positive Experiences with Park West Gallery

"Yellow II" by Linda Le Kinff
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"Thank you so much for keeping me informed! You have been so helpful and are an asset to your company!

Feel free to share this with your supervisor or 'next up the ladder!' I own a business too and really appreciate when people show they care about my customers as much as I do."

Wellesley, Massachusetts
"We just wanted to drop you a note saying Thank You to Park West Gallery for an absolutely fantastic time.

The artwork shown was phenomenal and we only wish we could have spent more. The parties, the tours and of course meeting artists like Tarkay, Fanch, and Peter Nixon made it even more special.

Although we cruise often all over the world, Park West Gallery and the new friends we meet make these trips special and we look forward to others in the future."

Highland Beach, Florida
"OMG - You guys have the BEST staff ever!
I must have talked [the auctioneer's] ear off for the three days leading up to the auction. He was attentive, interested and very nice. And what can't I say about [the assistants]?? They were so sweet and nice!! Talked to them a lot too.

I am very excited about getting my artwork in two months. But I could not wait to tell you guys that you have the best group of staff. They knew our names right away, noticed I hung around a certain piece and just made the viewing/buying a really positive experience, without being pushy or demanding like regular 'sales' people.

I am definitely going to recommend you guys to people and hope [your staff is] rewarded, because they earned the recognition!!!"

Los Angeles, California

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thanks for Opening a New Extraordinary World of Art

"Melodia" by Csaba Markus
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"We just returned today from a NCL cruise to Bermuda aboard the Gem. What a wonderful time Sandy and I had with your staff. It literally started 15 minutes after we boarded the Gem as we went directly to the Art Gallery

[The auctioneer's] assistant met us and Sandy immediately saw a Csaba Marcus work. When I looked over she had her hand over her mouth and I immediately knew that we were off and running (buying art). Three auctions and many hours of one-on-one conversations with [the auctioneer] and her staff, we left the ship with two unique variations of works by Peter Max, three original works by other artists, the Csaba piece and a litany of great memories.

As we were completing our paperwork late Saturday evening, I mentioned to [the auctioneer] that she sold me a $300 Kinkade a number of years ago on the Dawn, that is to be replaced by one of our new original pieces, and that she attempted to sell me a Max piece that I had no intention of purchasing, but would love to own (I now own a similar Max). She asked me what has changed in the 5 or so years since then to the point now where we are so excited about learning and buying art that our days aboard ship are scheduled around the art functions. I couldn’t really give her a good answer until I thought about this while trying to fall asleep.

The real reason is that through the extraordinary people of Park West Gallery, we have become knowledgeable, although I still consider myself a novice about the art world and the artists that Park West Gallery represents, the satisfaction knowing that the art is backed by a world class organization, and that if there is an issue, you and your group handle everything in a professional and courteous manor.

Park West Gallery has invited us to a VIP event... We already feel the excitement beginning to build in anticipation. We can’t wait...

Thanks so much for opening this new extraordinary world."

Poughquag, New York

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank You for the Wonderful Time and Hospitality

"Hidden Identity" by Dominic Pangborn
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"I just wanted to take the time to once again thank you personally and your entire staff for the wonderful time and the hospitality you provided for Martha and me starting in NYC and throughout the entire cruise on the Jewel.

All of you totally outdid yourselves in showing everyone a great time and providing a wonderful experience. The art auctions were great; Marko, Noah and Dominic were great....everything was great. I know that a huge amount of time and effort go into such an undertaking and it was fantastic. We can't wait to receive our artwork we purchased!!

We certainly hope to once again in the future meet up with you and your staff on another cruise if it is in the cards. We will definitely need more art and more room in the house!!!

Best regards always and health and happiness to all."

Alexandria, Kentucky

Monday, July 11, 2011

Compliments for the Cruise Art Auction Team

"Lady Wellington" by Barbara Wood
Dear Park West Gallery,

I am sending you this letter to let you know how pleased you should be regarding some of your employees.

My husband and I went on a Western Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Legend on April 10-17, 2011 and had a delightful experience with your art people. You should be very proud of the way they conducted themselves and represented Park West Gallery. They made a great team and worked well together.

Your art director was very patient and kind and very knowledgeable on all the art pieces and artists. He was a great auctioneer. [The art associate] was a great teacher and conducted four separate education classes on art, which I attended and thoroughly enjoyed. [Another associate] was so cheerful and bubbly, I wanted to just always come back and look at the art because she always gave me a happy mood. [Another team member] was such a gentleman and always there to help and assist with any answers to questions I might have. [The art handler] was always so full of energy, with such a pleasing personality and he always knew where to put the paintings, etc.

All in all, I should say 'the team' worked extremely well together and certainly brought Park West Gallery to the public and the people on the ship. This is not my first cruise, and I am well aware of the art for sale on cruises, but I just felt that this time I really needed to compliment the art people. And what better way to compliment someone than to let their boss know how well they represented Park West Gallery.

I hope you will congratulate these fine young people on a job well done.

Cumming, Georgia

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Customers Express Personal Gratitude for Park West Gallery

"Who Are You When I'm not Looking"
by Marko Mavrovich
Dear Park West Gallery,

"We want to thank Park West Gallery for the wonderful VIP cruise. The art was awesome and meeting the artists was so special. Your staff was exceptional. They were always so professional and personable. The whole experience was just outstanding."

Joseph & Judy A.
Glendale, Arizona
"I would like to personally express my gratitude to Mary for handling a delayed issue with receiving an additional art piece from our cruise last November. She reached out to all the players involved, escalating the problem and fixing it within a shortened timeframe. She did all the leg work, followed up and completed the deal. Customer service like this although expected is never realized. I would like to share this message with management so that Mary is properly recognized for her efforts."

Howard T.
Lansdale, Pennsylvania

"Just wanted to drop you a note to personally thank you for inviting us on the NCL Jewel VIP cruise. Everyone and everything was great, starting with NYC and all throughout the cruise. We had a wonderful time and experience from beginning to end and truly appreciate all of the effort everyone put into seeing that all was absolutely great. We hope to see you again, whether it be on a cruise, land event or just by chance. Thanks again for the great time and hospitality."

Dan & Martha W.
Alexandria, Kentucky
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