Friday, July 15, 2011

Really Positive Experiences with Park West Gallery

"Yellow II" by Linda Le Kinff
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"Thank you so much for keeping me informed! You have been so helpful and are an asset to your company!

Feel free to share this with your supervisor or 'next up the ladder!' I own a business too and really appreciate when people show they care about my customers as much as I do."

Wellesley, Massachusetts
"We just wanted to drop you a note saying Thank You to Park West Gallery for an absolutely fantastic time.

The artwork shown was phenomenal and we only wish we could have spent more. The parties, the tours and of course meeting artists like Tarkay, Fanch, and Peter Nixon made it even more special.

Although we cruise often all over the world, Park West Gallery and the new friends we meet make these trips special and we look forward to others in the future."

Highland Beach, Florida
"OMG - You guys have the BEST staff ever!
I must have talked [the auctioneer's] ear off for the three days leading up to the auction. He was attentive, interested and very nice. And what can't I say about [the assistants]?? They were so sweet and nice!! Talked to them a lot too.

I am very excited about getting my artwork in two months. But I could not wait to tell you guys that you have the best group of staff. They knew our names right away, noticed I hung around a certain piece and just made the viewing/buying a really positive experience, without being pushy or demanding like regular 'sales' people.

I am definitely going to recommend you guys to people and hope [your staff is] rewarded, because they earned the recognition!!!"

Los Angeles, California

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