Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thanks for Opening a New Extraordinary World of Art

"Melodia" by Csaba Markus
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"We just returned today from a NCL cruise to Bermuda aboard the Gem. What a wonderful time Sandy and I had with your staff. It literally started 15 minutes after we boarded the Gem as we went directly to the Art Gallery

[The auctioneer's] assistant met us and Sandy immediately saw a Csaba Marcus work. When I looked over she had her hand over her mouth and I immediately knew that we were off and running (buying art). Three auctions and many hours of one-on-one conversations with [the auctioneer] and her staff, we left the ship with two unique variations of works by Peter Max, three original works by other artists, the Csaba piece and a litany of great memories.

As we were completing our paperwork late Saturday evening, I mentioned to [the auctioneer] that she sold me a $300 Kinkade a number of years ago on the Dawn, that is to be replaced by one of our new original pieces, and that she attempted to sell me a Max piece that I had no intention of purchasing, but would love to own (I now own a similar Max). She asked me what has changed in the 5 or so years since then to the point now where we are so excited about learning and buying art that our days aboard ship are scheduled around the art functions. I couldn’t really give her a good answer until I thought about this while trying to fall asleep.

The real reason is that through the extraordinary people of Park West Gallery, we have become knowledgeable, although I still consider myself a novice about the art world and the artists that Park West Gallery represents, the satisfaction knowing that the art is backed by a world class organization, and that if there is an issue, you and your group handle everything in a professional and courteous manor.

Park West Gallery has invited us to a VIP event... We already feel the excitement beginning to build in anticipation. We can’t wait...

Thanks so much for opening this new extraordinary world."

Poughquag, New York

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