Friday, July 29, 2011

Cruise Auction Guests Find a Passion for Art

Dear Park West Gallery,

"While I did not purchase art on my recent cruise (we did win a piece) I thought I would drop you a note about your team.

The auctioneer was excellent. He was so good that my wife and I attended both auctions. I wanted to thank him and let you know how much we appreciated his insight and history of the artists. His passion for art was obvious.

I hope that soon we will be able to afford some fine art and it will be from your gallery. This is due to [the auctioneer]. I doubt he would even know who we were, as we were just two of many faces in a crowd.

Please let him and the rest of the team know he has turned two ordinary people into two people who are now fully interested in learning more about the artists he spoke of and art in general... so much so I have been perusing your site since I have been home (just this morning!). You have an excellent associate there."

Jensen Beach, Florida

1 comment:

  1. Good to know that you had won an art piece even though you did not purchase anything. That was very generous of them. Sounds like a great cruise auction.


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