Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thank You for Sharing the Beauty of Art

Park West Gallery, Linda Le Kinff
"Rosa Maria II #4" by Linda Le Kinff
Park West Gallery Collection

Dear Park West Gallery

"A big note of thanks to your team for being willing to share your knowledge of the beauty of art. I enjoyed immensely learning about all the new and most recent artworks, seeing how an auction is run and most all, meeting you all. The best of luck to you all in your endeavors to educate people (like me) in knowing the wonderful World of Art."


"Karen and I had a wonderful time at the Park West Gallery land event in Philadelphia and we wanted to thank you for introducing us to such a fabulous time. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting the artists Dominic Pangborn, Alex Gockel, Linda Le Kinff, and as a special bonus, Peter Max! We bought three great paintings and can't wait to see them on our walls. The auctioneer, and genial host, helped us to enjoy every minute of the event. He and his associates are to be commended for all the hard work they did to make this a very successful meeting. We look forward to another event in the future!"

Staten Island, New York

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Great Times at Park West Gallery Cruise Art Auctions

Peter Max, Park West Gallery
"Vase of Flowers" by ©Peter Max
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"I just wanted to write and tell you what a great time we had on our cruise. The art dealer and his staff were the best we have dealt with. He was very well informed about all aspects of art and artists. His way of dealing with clients was exceptional. We purchased 4 paintings and are very pleased with them. Peter Max is one of our favorites and now we have 4 of them. Thank you for the wonderful service.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
"Thanks for the great cruise, the hundreds of pieces of great art, and the opportunity to meet two of the best and most approachable artists in the industry. We were truly delighted with the information and knowledge of art you provided. Please also thank your staff for the superior jobs they did. And, of course, thank both Dominic and Marco for the beautiful works they provided, and for giving us a chance to meet with them on a personal level. Everyone made the trip a memorable experience for us. We're looking forward to receiving the art we chose."

Milford, Ohio

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Laughter and Wonderful Memories

Park West Gallery, David Najar
"The Blue Coast" by David Najar | Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"I want to comment on my experience last weekend with your team from Park West Gallery in Balboa, CA. 

I went and didn't know what to expect. I have to let you know that it was one of the best weekends. [The auctioneer] and his team were the most friendly, knowledgeable, and made my friend and I feel so comfortable. My friend has cancer and the laughter and quality of the weekend brought healing to her soul. Thank you for that.

I went not wanting to spend anything and $6900 later, with no regrets and wonderful memories. The artists that I met were amazing, David Najar is upcoming, from what I understand. Please let me know when he is showing again, his personality is priceless. And Scott Jacobs captured the room and our hearts, along with his nephew Todd.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this event. You should give [the auctioneer] a raise!!!! Thank you again, I know that sometimes you only hear the bad, and its important to know that you are doing something right, and you are."

Yorba Linda, California

Friday, August 19, 2011

Outstanding Customer Service at Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery, Simon Bull
"Jazz Club XXXIII" by Simon Bull
Park West Gallery Collection

Dear Park West Gallery,

"First let me say that I've had nothing but great experiences in dealing with Park West Galleries

I've been to several auctions at sea and several land auctions. My entire art collection has come from Park West Gallery and any further art purchases will only be made through Park West Gallery. 

I must single out Lisa for her extraordinary efforts in helping me with my latest purchase which happens to be my first original painting. Without her outstanding Customer Service and attention to my situation, I doubt that this transaction would have taken place. 

I also know that I will absolutely love dealing with Lisa in the future and would recommend her to anyone interested in the world of art. Park West Gallery is lucky to have her. 

Kindest Regards,"

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Monday, August 15, 2011

Park West Gallery Treats Collectors Like Family

James Coleman, Park West Gallery
"Midnight Blue" by James Coleman
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"In December 2010, I was contacted by a Park West Gallery Art Consultant, who invited me and a guest to attend a Park West Gallery VIP Cruise aboard the Norwegian EPIC.

The Park West Gallery Staff Members were great. They treated each guest more like a family member instead of a customer. There was no pressure to purchase anything, the staff only wanted to show off the awesome art collection on board. Our auctioneer was not only knowledgeable about art; he was also very personable and made each guest feel truly appreciated.

The artists lined up for the event were phenomenal. Meeting Tim Yanke, James Coleman and Nano Lopez was an opportunity of a lifetime. The artists were very friendly and took the time to talk to each guest, not in hopes of making sales, just meeting new friends. We had no intention of purchasing any additional artwork, since we are still trying to find room on the walls for all the artwork we already purchased from Park West Gallery. After meeting the artists, we purchased several new pieces of art.

[The Art Consultant] advised me it would be an experience of a lifetime if I were to attend the Park West Gallery VIP Cruise. He was absolutely correct in his prediction. We are grateful for having been afforded the opportunity to participate in a Park West Gallery VIP Event.

I would like to commend you for having such a great staff.

Very grateful art customers,"

Keystone Heights, Florida

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Artists Surprise Park West Gallery Collectors

Park West Gallery, David Najar
"My Golden Palace" by David Najar
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"We're just recovering from a fantastic weekend at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach.

It was the usual outstanding Park West Gallery event, but this was made even more memorable with the presence of Anatole Krasnyansky, Itzchak Tarkay, David Najar, and a surprise visit by Scott Jacobs. There was also a phone conversation with Tim Yanke during one of the auctions.

To say it was a thrill to meet and talk to these world renowned artists is an understatement.

We can't wait to display the piece by Krasnyansky and two more of Tim Yanke's works to go along with his beautiful Kokopelli. I wrote to Tim and told him the family room is going to be called the 'Tim Yanke' room.

[The auctioneer] and the rest of the staff made us feel as special as the beautiful Newport surroundings.

Thank you."

Irvine, California
"I really didn't know who to write to but I just wanted to thank Park West Gallery for the fabulous weekend my husband and I had in Huntington Beach, CA.

This was the first event we have been able to attend and we were only able to stay Saturday and Sunday but we had a wonderful time.

Meeting Itzchak Tarkay, David Najar and you especially surprised us with Scott Jacobs - who is such a great guy - it was such a pleasure. Scott even got on the dance floor with us on Saturday night.

Thanks again."

Northridge, California

Monday, August 8, 2011

Park West Gallery, Providing Art Education and Appreciation

"Pierrot" by Marc Chagall
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"I want to thank you personally for all you did to make our VIP cruise so enjoyable. Behind the scenes, you went the last mile to make certain that we had a great time and your wonderful personality got us off to a great start from day one all through the remainder of the trip. You made certain everything was perfect, were friendly all the time and smiled, smiled and smiled some more. And then ran one of the most effective auctions I’ve had the opportunity to attend. I hope you were pleased with the overall results… I know Amy and I are excited about the five new additions to our home..."

Little Rock, Arkansas
"[Your art auctioneers] are Awesome! They were extremely knowledgeable and were a huge help in getting our art collection started. We bought our first Peter Max, some Chens, quite a few Kinkade pieces and some animations for our son's room. I believe that we are going to enjoy all of this artwork and it would not have been possible without their help."

Stockbridge, Georgia
"To give a plug to your presenter/auctioneer on our cruise up through the North Pacific Coast Islands and fjords off Canada and Alaska. My wife and I attended several showings... The point of this note is to say how impressed we are/were over her presentation and a mini-bio of Rembrandt as a pioneering master of graphic arts and founder of techniques of putting his creations on so many different media. Art history lecturing with ECLAT!! An education and appreciation...beginner's class 101...but fun as well."

Eagle Point, Oregon
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