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Puzzled by Art? Test Your Logic!

Test Your Logic! This weekend, Mary will visit Park West Gallery to take full advantage of the great prices offered by the Winter Sale.

Park West Gallery, Winter Sale Mary plans to purchase holiday gifts of artwork for five of her friends (Hannah Kah, Kris Maas, Rudolph Rednose, Sandy Clause and Tim Tinsel). Each friend has their personal favorite when it comes to artists but all of them agree on their top five choices (Itzchak Tarkay, Peter Max, Salvador Dali, Scott Jacobs and Thomas Kinkade) and each work of art will be framed in a different color of Mary's choosing (black, brown, gold, mahogany and white).

Every day next week, each of Mary's lucky friends will receive a delivery from Park West Gallery. No two friends will receive artwork by the same artist framed in the same color and no friend will receive artwork by the same artist or in the same frame color more than once next week.

From the information provided, can you complete the chart that has been started below? Wouldn't you like to be friends with Mary?!

Park West Gallery Puzzle

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Park West Gallery Newsletter Editors

The Park West Gallery Newsletter staff is so appreciative of all of the thoughtful words we receive from our readers. Here are just a few of the kind responses from November's issue and we look forward to publishing even more in upcoming issues!

"I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful display of art that was aboard our ship. We had a lovely time at the auctions and saw the video of Destino, by Salvador Dali. It was beautiful. I watched it twice! I love receiving your newsletters and updates on various artists. We have a few pieces now by a couple of your artists which we love the color in their work. Keep up the great customer service."

Cherie & Malcolm S.
Perth, Washington

"My wife and I have been enjoying Park West Gallery for many years. Our art collection and knowledge has grown tremendously. We look forward to the auctions (on or off cruises) and gatherings, not trying to miss any chance to enjoy the viewing of fine art and learn more about new art and the artists. We have meet quite a few artists and found them all to be very nice, outgoing and down to earth. Thank you Park West for this opportunity. I have the utmost confidence in Park West and look forward ito doing business with you for a long time coming."

Scot and Donna C.
Loves Park, Illinois

"I love your newsletter with its beautiful illustrations and the art. As someone who does not get to visit art galleries in person it is a wonderful and very welcome email. I bought two pieces on a cruise, and thoroughly enjoy them. Keep up the good work. I wish Park West all the best. Happy Holidays to your hardworking staff."

Elma L.
Saint Philip, Barbados

"Thanks so much for the newsletter and Thanksgiving wishes....My father will be thrilled to see his new website. Thank you to the Park West team and especially to Albert for keeping him in high regard as always. The economic situation in the US as well as in Europe has taken a toll on everyone and I am grateful to see that with such a small gesture your Gallery is able to say so much. I think at times we forget that the most important and the most valued aspect of business is interpersonal relations.... and mutual respect. It makes me proud that my father is doing business with people who value him not only as an artist, but also as a human being. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Park West, and our warmest regards to Albert and his family."

Rimma K., Anatole Krasnyansky's daughter

"The economy has taken us by surprise but we are looking forward to prosperous times ahead. Art is my great passion and your gallery Park West makes it possible for me to live and enjoy that passion every time I look at my art from Park West Gallery."

Kathryn & Brian L.
Orlando, Florida

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Park West Gallery Newsletter - December Issue!

Park West Newsletter
Attention Park West Gallery Newsletter fans - the December issue is here!


This month's features include:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CEO Albert Scaglione Receives Honorary Doctorate from Central Michigan University and Delivers Commencement Speech

Albert ScaglioneAlbert Scaglione received an honorary Doctorate of Commercial Science from Central Michigan University (CMU) and delivered the commencement speech to the winter class of graduating seniors whose degrees included; bachelor of applied arts, bachelor of arts, bachelor of fine arts, bachelor of music, bachelor of music education, master of arts, master of fine arts, master of music and master of science in administration.

Albert Scaglione, founder and chief executive officer of Park West Gallery of Southfield, which hosts fine art auctions, spoke to an audience of over 2,000 at the 1:30 pm ceremony on December 13. He inspired students with what he described as "the four C's" of recruiting and relationships for success - calling, character, chemistry and competency. Scaglione also told the graduates about the "importance of having faith and believing in something bigger and more powerful than you." He said it doesn't matter which religion is followed but it's important to have deep faith that can provide some guidance and strength every day and in difficult times.

Albert Scaglione speaking at Central Michigan UniversityScaglione holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy from Michigan State University. He taught mechanical engineering sciences at Wayne State University and conducted aeronautical research funded by NASA early in his career before deciding to transition into art auctions.

"It is a great honor to be selected by Central Michigan University to speak to graduating seniors and help inspire them to pursue their dreams," said Scaglione. "I also am deeply grateful to receive an honorary degree by one of Michigan's premier educational institutions."

A recent ©Central Michigan Life article reported the sentiments of a couple of CMU seniors. Grand Blanc senior Keith Flewelling expressed his gratitude for the incoming speakers. "It's nice for them to take their time to come here and give us words of wisdom," he said. "It's cool that they're really successful, but at the same time not all people are looking to be CEOs - just happy," he said. Algonac senior Jeff Blevins said the speakers know the skills necessary to become successful after graduation...Read more

Thank You Park West Foundation and Park West Gallery

The Park West Foundation was established by Albert and Mitsie Scaglione who maintain a passionate ambition to improve the lives of others through personal giving. Each month, Park West Gallery and the Park West Foundation support many causes, non-profit organizations and foundations. Following are just a handful of the many establishments who recently received contributions from the Park West Foundation.

"Your generosity will enable us to carry on Muhammad's legacy and ideals, promoting respect, hope, and understanding and inspiring adults and children to be as great as they can be." -- Muhammad Ali Center

"On behalf of kids fighting cancer and their families, thank you so much!" -- St. Baldrick's Foundation

"We are grateful you joined us in the battle against blindness. Together, there is a cure in sight." -- Foundation Fighting Blindness

"We'd like to thank you for your most generous contribution. Your gift was a critical part of making the Student Event such a wonderful success." -- ArtServe Michigan

"We are thrilled that Park West Gallery was able to contribute an auction item to make our 5th annual gala so successful! -- Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Join the Park West Gallery Collectors Club

The Park West Gallery Collectors Club on Facebook recently hit 100 members...and we're still growing!

Visit our club, where you'll find the latest Park West Gallery news and have the opportunity to chat with art enthusiasts from around the globe and share stories and photos.

It only takes a few minutes to join and it's free - so click here to become part of the Park West Gallery Collectors Club today!

A Very Grateful Thank You to Park West Gallery

"I would like to express a very grateful thank you to the Park West personnel on the cruise that we just concluded. They were very helpful, very courteous and just wonderful people to deal with. They spent time answering questions and being very patient. Thank you very much. I will attend future art auctions when Park West is involved."
Joseph D. (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

Park West Gallery
"I attended all the Park West events aboard Liberty of the Seas in November 2008. I wasn't expecting the whole 'art' thing aboard. Truth is, I checked it out for the free champagne and free artwork, but I was AMAZED at how FUN and INFORMATIVE you made it. That's what kept me going back for each event. I was never much for 'modern' art but I have a deeper appreciation since being a part of the events onboard. The art events really picked me up and MADE MY CRUISE a fun experience in a way I truly wasn't expecting. The coolest part is, coming home after vacation is usually a bit of a downer. But I still have something to look forward to in that the art I purchased is still coming and, since part of it is 'Caribbean-y', it will make a really cool souvenir."
Jackie N. (Pembrook, Ontario)

Park West Gallery
"I just wanted to thank you for inviting my wife and I to the fabulous VIP cruise. Megan is very competent and knowledgeable and she has a great personality and sense of humor. Ryan is an amazing auctioneer. Tim, Ann Marie and Tom did everything in such a friendly and professional manner. You should be very proud of this crew; we had a great time and we bought even though we hadn't planned on it because of how good they are at their job. As usual we were made to feel that we are VIPs and meeting the artists is an incredible experience. Thanks again for everything, Park West Gallery has greatly enhanced the quality of our life the last couple of years. Best regards to everyone including Albert who I view as the Vollard of our time."
Edmond H. (New York, New York)

Park West Gallery"Thank you for your invitation and opportunity to be part of the VIP cruise on the Carnival Pride. Starting with the Beverly Hilton overnight stay get-together, we knew we were in for a fabulous week. We had a wonderful time and met some great fellow art collectors. Your staff, directed by Rob, and his crew of never-ending energetic associates kept us well-informed and gently guided us through our purchases. We added three pieces - Picasso, Miro and Mouly, to our modest Masters collection. We especially enjoyed the visit to Puerto Vallarta. That was truly a special day. It was a beautiful setting with good food, great weather and 'art-to-die for' by Dominic Pangborn. What a treat to meet him in person. We also enjoyed spending time with Marko and Noah while on board."
Rosa B. and Richard H. (Lake Elsinore, California)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Park West Gallery Launches Updated Thomas Kinkade Website

Park West Gallery continues its 40 year tradition of connecting people with artists and fine art by inviting you to visit our new web site for artist Thomas Kinkade. Park West Gallery's updated Kinkade website features a biography of the artist, an online gallery of Kinkade's artwork and video of Kinkade at Park West's 40th Anniversary celebration. Learn about and be fascinated by "The Painter of Light" and his art.

Explore the new Thomas Kinkade website located at

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Park West Gallery Winter Sale Provides the Perfect Escape From "Mall Madness"!

Fine art and jewelry treasures await in a serene and elegant setting

Avoid the long lines and madness of the holiday shopping season. Instead, step into the serene and elegant setting of Park West Gallery and shop for unique gifts at the Winter Sale.

During the sale, more than 700 works will be on display from some of the world's greatest artists including Picasso, Chagall, Dali, Norman Rockwell, Peter Max, Thomas Kinkade, Yaacov Agam and Dominic Pangborn. Customers can find the perfect gift in Park West's outstanding collection, which features paintings, jewelry and even autographed sports memorabilia. In honor of Park West's 40th anniversary, some prices will be reduced by as much as 40 percent.

Park West Gallery is providing extended hours during the holidays from November 28 - December 23. Monday - Wednesday, 10am - 8pm; Thursday - Friday, 10am - 9pm; Saturday - Sunday, 11am - 6pm

View the Park West Gallery Winter Sale collection

Monday, December 8, 2008

Park West Gallery Launches New Artist Websites

Park West Gallery continues its 40 year tradition of connecting people with artists and fine art by inviting you to visit our new websites for artists Anatole Krasnyansky, Itzchak Tarkay and Linda Le Kinff. Park West Gallery's new artist websites feature updated artist biographies, online galleries of their artwork, YouTube videos and a forum for guests to share their thoughts about the artists and their art. Coming soon: Thomas Kinkade!

With his distinctive, vibrant, and profoundly expressive works, Krasnyansky has distinguished himself as a true virtuoso in the world of contemporary art. His use of brilliant colors and surreal forms invites the viewer into his wonderful amalgams of traditional Europe and theatrical L.A.


Primarily known for his work in oils and watercolor, Tarkay is also a world renowned master graphic artist. His rich tapestry of form and color is achieved primarily through the use of the serigraph, where he lays many colors over one another, creating a unique texture and transparency.


There is poetry to the fantasy worlds pictured in the images of Linda Le Kinff. They are exotic and lush. They are richly colored and exude a rhythmic harmony. The viewers are subtly transported to this magical world and curiously finds themselves immersed in the pleasures, moods, and feelings of Le Kinff.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wonderful Memories to Cherish

"December 2, 2008

Dear Simon, Chris, Rebecca, and Samantha,

Simon Bull, Even Song The pleasure of attending the Park West VIP cruise was all ours. We will cherish the wonderful memories of our experience always and hope that we can see you all and the others again soon.

We attended the Park West VIP event aboard the Carnival Liberty with our top notch "art crew". We weren't sure what to expect and were quickly reassured that his event would be an exceptional experience for us...and it was!!! The team was knowledgeable, intelligent, sensible, reasonable, accommodating, reassuring, and FUN.

The art auction experience was miles above other art auctions we have attended in the past. The beauty and value of the art presented to us was beyond our imagination. Inviting the artists David Najar, Simon Bull, and Tim Yanke was inspiring and even more fun for us. I felt as though I could much better understand how they paint...creating art works from their inner space. They were each and every one of them gifted, talented, and humble men with whom it was our great pleasure to become acquainted.

We particularly enjoyed meeting and visiting with their families. It made us feel as though we would have had a similar experience had we gone on a cruise with some of the deceased master painters such as Picasso, Miro, Chagall, Renoir, Dali, or Rembrandt.

David Najar, Natural BorderWe cannot thank you enough for including us in the Park West VIP art cruising group. While at first herded together with 30 coupled strangers, we grew to bond with these people who were all tied together by each's love of fine art works. Our common joyful experiences among the art previews, auctions, special dinners, excursions, and endless cocktail parties with your fellow guests enabled us to develop comradery and some lasting friendships with these people as well as your able minded Park West personnel.

I am going everywhere among my wide circles of friends and family raving about what a wonderful time Park West Galleries provided us on our recent cruise. We had as Chris from England would say a "Smashing Time!" Now we cannot wait to meet our new art purchases which truly have taken our collection to a whole new level of quality and superiority.

With eternal gratitude for your kind generosity and hospitality,"

Lynn and Wayne B.
De Bary, Florida

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thank You Park West Foundation and Park West Gallery

The Park West Foundation was established by Albert and Mitsie Scaglione who maintain a passionate ambition to improve the lives of others through personal giving. Each month, Park West Gallery and the Park West Foundation support many causes, non-profit organizations and foundations. Following are just a handful of the many establishments who recently received contributions from the Park West Foundation.

"Please know that your support is making a difference in the life of a critically ill child right now. From our family to yours, we wish you happiness and good health." -- The Rainbow Connection

"Thank you for your generous contribution to St. John Hospice. Your gift will help us continue to bring the highest quality, compassionate care to the hundreds of patients we treat each day." -- St. John Health Foundation

"On behalf of Deliver the Dream and the many family members we are able to help, thank you for your recent donation of artwork. Please know how very much your gift means to us." -- Deliver the Dream

"We don't know how to begin to thank you for your thought-fulness and generosity for your donation to our 9th Annual Gala. Thank you again and God Bless You." -- Childhelp

"We take great pleasure in thanking you for your generous contribution. We are all very grateful to have your support and interest in the children we serve." -- The Children's Center
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