Monday, June 29, 2009

Park West clients move on account of wall space..

Dear Park West Gallery:

Because our art collection kept getting bigger and bigger, we literally had to move from our small house to a bigger home with more wall space.

Throughout our cruises, we have purchased more than 50 pieces of art including Erte, Miro, Mouly, Tarkay, LeKinff, Martiros, Behrens, Pino, Aguiar, Picasso, Rembrandt, Max and others. Our home is a gallery and we love sharing our beautiful art with friends and family.

Thank you for making it possible to enjoy our surroundings. There are those who would buy RV's, boats, SUVs or motorcycles. We have seen a lot of these fads come and go, but our art is always here and no maintenance required. Just sit back and marvel at these beauties.

We are looking forward, with great anticipation, to our next cruise so we can switch out old art for new. As Dick would say - "Get the spackle out again - time to rotate."


Rosa & Dick

Friday, June 26, 2009

VIP Enjoys Cruising With Park West At Sea

Samuel the Poet (Owl) by Nano Lopez
Dear Park West Gallery:
My wife and I were just your guests on the Norwegian Dawn from June 1-7 2009. We feel compelled to share with you the professionalism and attention to detail your staff paid to us (and everyone else). This was a terrific experience for us and we also got to collect some beautiful works of art. It was also a pleasure meeting artists Jerry Blank, Mr. Nano Lopez and Marko Mavrovich (quite the character). As a matter of fact, my employer is taking his family on the same cruise at the end of this month based on our experience.


Henry & Linda P.
Medford, New York

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Park West Gallery:

Amazing Beauty by Michael Milkin
We recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with Martin, Park West Art Auctioneer on the Volendam, Holland America Line, during a cruise to ports in New Zealand and Australia.

Martin's enthusiasm, dedication, and knowledge of fine art is absolutely outstanding. We have traveled on several Holland America Cruises, attended numerous art seminars and auctions and Martin stands out amongst any art auctioneers we have met previously.

He is truly a credit to your organization. He exudes confidence and enthusiasm for his position and is a delight to work with on art purchases and in seminars.

Please pass our congratulations on to a superb employee and individual.


Brenda A. & Gale R.
Georgetown, Texas

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Public Service Day!

Today is Public Service Day! The United Nations created Public Service Day to celebrate the value and virtue of public service to the community; highlight the contribution of public service in the development process; recognize the work of public servants, and encourage young people to pursue careers in the public sector.

Park West Gallery values public service and is dedicated to lending a helping hand year round. The Park West Foundation was created in 2005 by the founder and CEO of Park West Gallery, Albert Scaglione, and his wife, Mitsie, as a way to give back to the community. The foundation is currently focused on helping young women who have aged-out of the foster care system by creating a more complete support system for them, however the foundation continues to support many other causes and organizations as well.

Solace by Mark Kanovich

Whether you give money to your favorite charities, spend time volunteering, work in the public sector, or have your very own foundation, keep giving back when you can because every little bit of public service makes a difference.

More Information on Public Service Day

More Information on the Park West Foundation

Friday, June 19, 2009

Auctioneer Provides Outstanding Service

Dear Park West Gallery:

Jaco, our Park West Art Auctioneer, did an outstanding job of steering us towards art that we liked and was within our budget. He made the auction events enjoyable as we learned about the process. He also provided outstanding customer service in the follow-up meeting to arrange framing and shipping.

My wife and I greatly appreciate his assistance.

Bradley C.
Alexandria, Virginia

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank You Park West Gallery!

Dear Park West:

We just returned from our cruise and we purchased several more Park West works of Art- I just wanted to let you know that our Art Auctioneers Michael and Kevin were OUTSTANDING!! They were extremely knowledgeable and professional; and this along with their fervor towards art made all the auctions exciting and "Must attend events!!"

South Beach by Alexander Chen
We will be back on the Conquest in August and again in October and look forward to attending Michael’s auctions.

Thank you,

Deborah W.
Adkins, Texas

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Park West Gallery Day Proclamation

Park West Gallery Day Proclamation
SOUTHFIELD, Mich. -- On June 15, 2009, during a City Council meeting, the Mayor of the City of Southfield, Brenda Lawrence, officially proclaimed it “Park West Gallery Day" to commemorate Park West’s ongoing commitment to the community, its employment of thousands of Southeast Michigan citizens, and its ongoing success in bringing the joy of art to more than one million customers worldwide.

Read the Official Proclamation below or view it here

Park West Gallery Celebrates 40th Anniversary

WHEREAS, Park West Gallery has operated its business in the City of Southfield since 1969, employing thousands of Southeast Michigan citizens and bringing the joy of fine art to more than one million customers around the world; and

WHEREAS, over the last four decades, founder Albert Scaglione has given generously of his time and resources; and Park West Gallery has supported numerous local charities and provided vital services and assistance to young people in Southfield and Detroit through its Park West Gallery Foundation; and

WHEREAS, Park West Gallery has discovered and nurtured the careers of many of America’s and the world’s most successful new artists, including talented artists from Southeast Michigan; and

WHEREAS, Park West Gallery has invested millions of dollars in building and expanding its beautiful 63,000 square foot gallery and corporate headquarters facility on Northwestern Highway; and

WHEREAS, the City of Southfield is proud to be the hometown of this internationally respected business and celebrates the 40th anniversary of its founding;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that I, Brenda L. Lawrence, Mayor of the City of Southfield, County of Oakland, State of Michigan, do hereby proclaim June 15, 2009, as:

Park West Gallery Day
in the City of Southfield, Michigan

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the citizens of the City of Southfield congratulate Park West Gallery on celebrating 40 years of business in Southfield and thank Mr. Albert Scaglione for his loyalty and outstanding contributions to our community.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand and caused the Official Seal of the City of Southfield to be affixed hereto on this twenty-first day May 2009.

Brenda L. Lawrence, Mayor
City of Southfield

Park West VIP Enjoys Latest Cruise

Dear Park West Gallery:

Color of Spring, Noah
I want to thank Park West for the VIP event on the Explorer of the Seas, May 13th through May 23rd. This was our first VIP event and we really didn't know what to expect. Sharon and I have taken many cruises and this was the most enjoyable of them all. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the Park West staff (Simon, Adam, Rebecca, and SaBelle) and we appreciate all of the effort they put into the event. Great job!!! We also appreciated the humor and educational info that you brought to the auctions.

Meeting the three artists was another highlight of the trip. Every time I look at our painting by Marko I'll be reminded of his antics!! Our pieces by Nano and Noah will also have special significance since we met the artists and now have a context for their work. We also had a great time with the other couples who participated in the event. We plan to keep in touch with several new friends.

We look forward to a continuing relationship with Park West and, once again, thank you!

Robert M.
Mansfield, OH

Friday, June 12, 2009

Exhibit: Chagall and the Artists of the Russian Jewish Theater, 1919-1949

Excerpt from Art Knowledge News -

During the artistic ferment following the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, major artists (such as Marc Chagall) joined actors, choreographers, writers, and musicians in creating a daring new theater. This collaboration gave rise to extraordinary productions with highly original stage designs that redefined the concept of theater itself, attracting large, diverse audiences and garnering international critical praise.

In Chagall and the Artists of the Russian Jewish Theater, 1919-1949, on view through September 8, 2009, the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, California tells the little-known and tumultuous story of this vanguard artistic flowering, which thrived on the stage for thirty years before being brutally extinguished during the Stalinist era.

Introduction to the Jewish Theater, Marc ChagallIntroduction to the Jewish Theater, Marc Chagall 1920, tempera, gouache, and opaque white on canvas. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. © 2008 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Park West Customer Corner

Dear Park West Gallery:

Like so many PWG customers, we began collecting artwork while aboard a cruise ship (10 years ago). Our first purchase was a pair of LTD ED giclees by Tomasz Rut, which still hang in our bedroom to this day. Over time, we would learn more about other artists and their techniques. Having had the ability to meet Simon Bull, Andrew Bone, Alicia Quaini and Alfred Gockel, we jumped at the chance to collect their original paintings, as well as those by Itzchak Tarkay.

In addition, though we have always been intrigued by the detail contained within vintage etchings, we never put much thought into owning any such piece. We would eventually opt to collect a "time piece of history," and selected an etching by Albrecht Durer, dating from the 1600's.

You've heard the saying, "the more things change, the more they remain the same." While our knowledge and interests continue to develop and grow, so too, does our love for the works of Tomasz Rut. We currently have nearly one dozen of Rut's giclees, and rotate them once or twice per year. Some of our friends have asked if we charge admission to our home (i.e. museum style), while others have made it a point to begin collecting similar pieces as well. The latter were referred to PWG, and are now able to display their own pieces within their own home(s).

Steven & Donna L.
Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania


Two years ago, my family and I took a cruise to Mexico. As it was my first cruise, I didn't quite know what to expect, and as I wandered the halls of what sometimes seemed like a medieval castle, I was soon enthralled by the atmosphere and adventure of a life at sea. However, all of the memories of sea lions and jeep expeditions and tacos that Mexico had to offer could not compare to the Carnival experience I treasure most; the art auction. Being that I come from a home of cowboys and tumbleweeds, I had never been exposed to art in the way a young person should. Though I'd heard of Da Vinci and Dali, I'd never been given the opportunity to appreciate them. Thanks to Park West though, I can now proudly say that I do.

Looking at the many wonderful pieces on display there in that room, I began my ardent and enthusiastic relationship with art. I bought my first painting, was generously given my second, and I left with a booklet that depicted some of the other pieces Park West sold. That booklet, the one handed out at the beginning of the presentation, now decorates the walls of my bedroom. Better than what any wallpaper or music poster could do, I've brought a little bit of the world to my now famous "Wall of Art," and it also helped me introduce the wonder of so many artists to many of my friends.

Sincerely Yours,

Stephanie S.
Queen Creek, Arizona

We just received our last shipment of artwork we purchased on our 5 day cruise out of Galveston, TX. We purchased our items after much research and had another great experience. The first time we purchased mostly lithographs that we liked, this time we purchased specific canvas items that we were looking for. We decided to purchase framing from Park West as well. The items we received were much better than we dreamed they could be. We purchased two Peter Max mixed media pieces, one Bellet on giclee on canvas, and a Krasnyansky deluxe edition on linen. The last one compliments an earlier Krasnyansky piece we purchased last year. YET ANOTHER GREAT JOB BY PARK WEST. We are very thankful that we found you and that the auctioneers we have met are all professional.

Cliff J.
White Hall, Arizona

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Join in on the Park West Discussions!

Park West Collectors Club on Facebook
At the Park West Gallery Art Collectors Club, there are always great discussions going on. Whether you have questions, comments, or just want to know what others have to say about their Park West experiences, the Collectors Club is the place for you.

Join Park West’s group on Facebook today and jump into the conversations!

Salvador Dali and the Albaretto Family

Salvador Dali with the Albaretto family
The close relationship between Salvador Dali and his patrons Drs. Giuseppe and Mara Albaretto resulted in a body of valuable, stunning work that includes hundreds of paintings and prints.

In the mid 1950s Dali met Drs. Giuseppe and Mara Albaretto, a couple who later became Dali's close friends and patrons. Although accounts differ about the chance meeting between Dali and the Albarettos, it is agreed that the relationship grew because Dali was uncharacteristically charmed by the Albaretto’s young daughter, Christiana. Giuseppe and Mara Albaretto were taken with Dali’s work and not only became avid collectors, but also the artist's "Italian Family." This friendship, which lasted until Dali's death, resulted in Europe’s largest private collection of original Dali artwork.

The Origin of the Albaretto Dalis
Dr. Giuseppe Albaretto, after a decade of dentistry, realized he could make a living in the fine art business. In addition to art collecting, the Albarettos commissioned many Dali works and became important publishers of etchings and lithographs by Dali including, through Rizzoli Publishing, the Biblia Sacra. The Albarettos also established Les Heures Claires, Italy.

The Albaretto family's living roomThe Albarettos start-up capital came from Mara’s olive oil producing family and Giuseppe’s position as a financial advisor to the Catholic Salesian Order, where he had been a student. It was during these studies that he became involved in the Order’s educational publishing enterprises — experience that would later assist him in publishing Dali’s artworks.

This friendship between the Albarettos and Salvador Dali has given the art world some of the most spectacular and treasured Surrealist artwork in existence. The works, due to their impeccable provenance, remain some of the most desirable graphic works ever created by Dali.

Read More about the Park West Gallery - Albaretto Dali Collection

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Times Top 200 Artists of the 20th Century to Now

Sixteen weeks ago The Times Online asked readers to vote for whom they thought was the greatest artist working since 1900. The 1.4 million votes have been tallied, and a list of the top 200 artists of the 20th century to the present has been created. Park West Gallery artists are peppered throughout the list, with the number one artist, Pablo Picasso, being one of them.

Le Vieux Roi by Pablo Picasso1.) Pablo Picasso
2.) Paul Cezanne
3.) Gustav Klimt
4.) Claude Monet
5.) Marcel Duchamp
6.) Henri Matisse
7.) Jackson Pollock
8.) Andy Warhol
9.) Willem De Kooning
10.) Piet Mondrian

Friday, June 5, 2009

World Environment Day 2009

Happy World Environment Day! What are you doing to be green?

Green Landscape by Holland BerkleyGreen Landscape by Holland Berkley

The United Nations created World Environment Day to:

  • Give a human face to environmental issues

  • Empower people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development

  • Promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues

  • Advocate partnership which will ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safer and more prosperous future
  • Thursday, June 4, 2009

    First-time Park West Customers Reflect

    My wife and I really enjoyed our first art auction on a cruise. We had watched the two previous auctions before participating in the last auction. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed working with Trevor from Houston, Texas. We agree with others comments about Trevor, "He is also very articulate – a true auctioneer – and really works at getting the bids and selling the paintings." He is a valuable asset to your company.

    Cannot wait to receive our art works!

    Dan & Zeny S.
    Lenexa, Kansas


    I would like to say that Seth along with his assistant, Alyssa, and Slavio were amazing to work with. I really enjoyed the auctions and they went above and beyond to make sure that buying art was a unique and great experience. This was my first cruise (and it won't be my last). The next cruise I take will depend on what ship Seth is on.

    Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

    Greg H.
    Reno, Texas


    My wife and I want to say thank you to John and his Park West team that brought Park West to our recent cruise on Grandeur of the Seas. Our oldest son is an art student and John's art seminar and art auctions were both informative and entertaining. While our purchases would be considered modest, he and his team made our first experience in working with a gallery very enjoyable.

    To keep this short, his professionalism and personal (and personable) approach made us feel we were as important as the folks interested in the Rembrandt’s and other "high end" art he presented. And we thoroughly enjoyed his histories and sidebars on the various pieces and artists. He truly opened us up to a new venue and his sessions were a highlight of our cruise. Please give him a big pat on the back.

    Thank you,

    Dale M.
    North Beach, Maryland

    Wednesday, June 3, 2009

    Park West Gallery Summer Sale

    Park West Gallery Summer Sale 09

    Fine artwork, designer jewelry, Japanese woodcuts and sports memorabilia featured

    SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – The Park West Gallery Summer Collection is currently being featured online and boasts an array of fine artwork, high-end designer jewelry, Japanese woodcuts and sports memorabilia - all of which are being sold at exciting sale prices now through September 14th. Customers may also visit Park West’s elegant gallery to view the Summer Collection along with the 3 ½ acres of sculpture gardens and luxuriant grounds that surround the gallery.

    More than 300 works from some of the world’s greatest artists including the Masters - Rembrandt, Picasso, Goya, Chagall, and Dali as well as contemporary artists - Peter Max, Yaacov Agam, Romero Britto, Simon Bull, Linda Le Kinff, Marcus Glenn, and Itzchak Tarkay, are included in the Summer Collection. A variety of mediums including oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors and drawings, hand-signed limited-edition etchings, lithographs, serigraphs and hand-embellished graphic works make up the selection of artwork.

    Fine jewelry from high-end designers such as Erte, Yvel, Di Modolo, Lumiere, Diara, and Roberto Coin is also featured. While the collection is diverse, all of the jewelry has certain qualities in common: timeless characteristics, superb craftsmanship, and unique design.

    The Japanese Woodcuts in the Park West Gallery Summer Collection were created in the 1800s and provide a glimpse into the rich history of Japan. The subject matters depicted include: sumo wrestling (viewed by the Japanese to be equally spiritual and physical); the Tale of Genji (perhaps the first complete novel which was written by Lady Murasaki Shikibu in the eleventh century); Bijn-Ga (meaning pictures of beautiful women); and kabuki (depictions of actors from the Edo period, during which the theater was both fashionable and popular).

    A portion of Park West Gallery’s expansive sports memorabilia collection has been incorporated into the Summer Collection. A selection of signed photographs and sport-specific memorabilia are included in the offering as well as Muhammad Ali collectables exclusive to Park West Gallery.

    Gallery hours: Monday - Wednesday 10am - 6pm Thursday - Friday 10am - 7pm Saturday 11am - 6pm. The Summer Collection can be viewed at, and knowledgeable Park West Gallery representatives are ready to help with purchases at 800.521.9654.

    Park West Artist Romero Britto Receives Humanitarian Award

    American Heart Association
    On Saturday, May 30 the American Heart Association held its annual Heart and Stroke Ball for 200 people at the Eden Roc hotel in Miami Beach. The organization surpassed its fund-raising goal of $250,000 before the event even started, despite having fewer corporate sponsors than in years past.

    In addition to cocktail hour, dinner, entertainment and a live auction, the American Heart Association’s inaugural Big Heart Humanitarian Awards were presented. Awards were given for contributions to the fields of music, the arts, journalism, business and goodwill, with Romero Britto receiving an award for his contribution to the arts.

    Read the Full Article

    Learn More about Romero Britto

    View Romero Britto Artwork

    Monday, June 1, 2009

    Customer Corner

    Dear Park West Gallery:

    Tim Yanke Lone Star 60
    Frank and I would like to thank you again for inviting us to be part of the Park West VIP Cruise. This was our first VIP cruise and we were impressed with how Park West did everything top notch from beginning to end. It was exciting to get to meet the four different artists, Noah, Tim Yanke, Nano and of course Jerry Blank who was not scheduled for the VIP cruise but was able to join us. Each of these artists were a pleasure to meet. Their unique artwork and their personal stories made us appreciate them even more. We purchased artwork from each one of the artists and cannot wait to have them delivered. We were particularly excited when we received our first two peices of artwork this Saturday one of which was Tim Yanke's, Lone Star. Tim is such an exceptional individual and we were pleased to have had the opportunity to spend time with him.

    The art enrichment presentation was very informative and we learned to appreciate artwork that we would not have ever thought to even look at in the past. Special thanks to Chris Lindsay, Simon, Samantha, EJ and Rebecca for doing such an excellent job. Please give our regards and thanks to each of them.

    Thank You,

    Frank and Ginette M.
    Kennesaw, Georgia


    Thank you for making me feel comfortable enough to say yes to the VIP cruise. It was truly an amazing experience. When we boarded the ship, I never would have thought I would acquire the works of art I now own. Getting to know Noah, Tim, Jerry and Nano gave me new insight not only into their work, but art in general.

    Everyone from Park West was absolutely wonderful. Chris Lindsay was a superb host. Rebecca, Sam and EJ were supportive and understanding. Simon was always there making sure everyone was being looked after properly.

    The trip was everything you told me it would be and more.

    Thank you for a wonderful week, I’ll never forget.


    Leslie L.
    Lake In The Hills, Illinois
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