Thursday, June 11, 2009

Park West Customer Corner

Dear Park West Gallery:

Like so many PWG customers, we began collecting artwork while aboard a cruise ship (10 years ago). Our first purchase was a pair of LTD ED giclees by Tomasz Rut, which still hang in our bedroom to this day. Over time, we would learn more about other artists and their techniques. Having had the ability to meet Simon Bull, Andrew Bone, Alicia Quaini and Alfred Gockel, we jumped at the chance to collect their original paintings, as well as those by Itzchak Tarkay.

In addition, though we have always been intrigued by the detail contained within vintage etchings, we never put much thought into owning any such piece. We would eventually opt to collect a "time piece of history," and selected an etching by Albrecht Durer, dating from the 1600's.

You've heard the saying, "the more things change, the more they remain the same." While our knowledge and interests continue to develop and grow, so too, does our love for the works of Tomasz Rut. We currently have nearly one dozen of Rut's giclees, and rotate them once or twice per year. Some of our friends have asked if we charge admission to our home (i.e. museum style), while others have made it a point to begin collecting similar pieces as well. The latter were referred to PWG, and are now able to display their own pieces within their own home(s).

Steven & Donna L.
Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania


Two years ago, my family and I took a cruise to Mexico. As it was my first cruise, I didn't quite know what to expect, and as I wandered the halls of what sometimes seemed like a medieval castle, I was soon enthralled by the atmosphere and adventure of a life at sea. However, all of the memories of sea lions and jeep expeditions and tacos that Mexico had to offer could not compare to the Carnival experience I treasure most; the art auction. Being that I come from a home of cowboys and tumbleweeds, I had never been exposed to art in the way a young person should. Though I'd heard of Da Vinci and Dali, I'd never been given the opportunity to appreciate them. Thanks to Park West though, I can now proudly say that I do.

Looking at the many wonderful pieces on display there in that room, I began my ardent and enthusiastic relationship with art. I bought my first painting, was generously given my second, and I left with a booklet that depicted some of the other pieces Park West sold. That booklet, the one handed out at the beginning of the presentation, now decorates the walls of my bedroom. Better than what any wallpaper or music poster could do, I've brought a little bit of the world to my now famous "Wall of Art," and it also helped me introduce the wonder of so many artists to many of my friends.

Sincerely Yours,

Stephanie S.
Queen Creek, Arizona

We just received our last shipment of artwork we purchased on our 5 day cruise out of Galveston, TX. We purchased our items after much research and had another great experience. The first time we purchased mostly lithographs that we liked, this time we purchased specific canvas items that we were looking for. We decided to purchase framing from Park West as well. The items we received were much better than we dreamed they could be. We purchased two Peter Max mixed media pieces, one Bellet on giclee on canvas, and a Krasnyansky deluxe edition on linen. The last one compliments an earlier Krasnyansky piece we purchased last year. YET ANOTHER GREAT JOB BY PARK WEST. We are very thankful that we found you and that the auctioneers we have met are all professional.

Cliff J.
White Hall, Arizona

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