Thursday, July 30, 2009

Park West Art Auctioneer's Passion Shows

Dear Park West Gallery:

I want to compliment our cruise art director, Michael. We have purchased on cruise ships in the past and have seen several directors. Michael is by far the best one we have encountered. He is extremely knowledgeable about art and the artists. He has a passion for collecting and tries to share that passion with patrons. He has an intense energy during the auctions. The auctions were fun and entertaining.

The Dancers by Romero Britto
Michael was great with art patrons. During the previews, I saw him moving through the crowd, able to talk at any level about the piece in question. I heard him make recommendations with sincerity and in line with the patrons’ interests, not just to make another sale. He treated everyone with the same respect and dedication whether buying thousands of dollars on multiple pieces or only hundreds on one piece.

The thing that makes him stand out, in my opinion, is that he is genuine and it shows. I hope next time I go on a cruise, he is the art director because I will definitely buy from him again.

James B.
Lascassas, Tennessee

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Norman Rockwell: American Imagist

NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND -- The National Museum of American Illustration presents Norman Rockwell: American Imagist, the first Norman Rockwell exhibition ever to be shown in Rhode Island. The remarkable collection of selected art - including more than 60 original paintings, drawings and studies - spans six decades of the artist's career.

Norman Rockwell. The Runaway Boy and Clown. 1922. © 2009 National Museum of American Illustration™ Newport RI.
Norman Rockwell's heartwarming depictions of everyday life made him the best-known and most beloved American artist of the 20th century. The exhibit asserts Norman Rockwell as a great American artist and illustrator, whose real and most enduring subject matter was capturing the American spirit. His images often served as a mirror of American life. It has been said that a Rockwell painting does not require an explanation, a caption or even a title. It speaks to us directly.

"I think (visitors are) going to have a greater understanding and appreciation of who Norman Rockwell was in his artistic career, certainly, and then within the context of American history," said Judy Goffman Cutler, founded the museum in 1998 with her husband, Laurence Cutler, to house their illustration art collection.

Norman Rockwell: American Imagist is currently on display through August 30, 2009.


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Rembrandt Exhibit 1st of its kind in Middle East

Rembrandt van Rijn. Self-portrait as an oriental Potentate with a Kris (detail). 1634.
MUSCAT, OMAN / OmanObserver.comAl Salmi Library will present Rembrandt in Oman, a grand exhibition of 100 original Rembrandt prints from the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam.

"This will be the first time the works of Rembrandt will be on public display not only in Oman but also in the entire Middle East and North African region," said Stefan van Wersch, Ambassador of the Netherlands.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was the first to develop etching as a true artistic medium by using the scribbling strokes to produce extraordinary and expressive lines. He used a variety of subjects in his etchings that include portraits, landscapes and scenes from everyday life, said Abdullah Salem al Salmi, chairman, Al Salmi Library. The grand exhibition is going to illustrate the full range of subjects including scenes from the Bible, mythology and other classical sources.

Rembrandt in Oman will be on view at the Grand Hyatt Muscat from August 19 to September 19.

Read the full article >>


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We look forward to Park West art auctions…

Dear Park West Gallery:

Golden Yellow with Brown by Anatole KrasnyanskyJust a quick note to say how much we enjoyed Bruce's auctions on our last cruise with Holland America. Bruce was most helpful and professional on each occasion that my wife and I dealt with him.

This was the second time we purchased art from Park West while at sea and for us, we really look forward to the art auctions. It has been a pleasure to deal with Bruce and I am sure on our next cruise we will again be attending auctions and adding to our collection through your many wonderful works of art.

Again, our thanks to Bruce.

Kind Regards,

Phil S.
St. John's, Newfoundland

Monday, July 27, 2009

Park West Cruise Ship Art Auctions Are a Big Hit!

Cabanes de Pecheurs aux Caraibes by Jean-Claude Picot
Park West Gallery:

I wish to pay a compliment to Jacqueline, Damien, and Gustov for their awesome assistance during my cruise this past week. I have never attended an "art" sales show, nor an auction. They were most helpful at every step of the way! I am looking forward to the arrival of my art pieces, and then to admiring them on the walls!!

Please let them know how much I appreciate their help! One day, I will own a MAX.....they have us hooked!!


Carla and Candace, mother/daughter duo!
Seminole, Florida

PS... Mother is also hooked on auctions, and cannot wait to cruise again!! :-) Great Job!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Celebrate Detroit's 308th Birthday!

TODAY MARKS THE 308TH BIRTHDAY OF DETROIT, MICHIGAN! In order to commemorate the occasion, The Detroit Free Press ran an article this morning entitled "8 More Reasons to Love Detroit," written by columnist, Rochelle Riley. The list of 8 is an addendum to 300 other reasons to celebrate the city - published in 2001 on the Detroit's 300th birthday - and includes landmarks such as the Detroit River, Motown's Hitsville USA and Comerica Park.

Park West Gallery, located in Southfield - a Detroit suburb, would like to propose the 9th (or 309th) reason to celebrate the Motor City - Detroit artists like Dominic Pangborn, Tim Yanke and Marcus Glenn. These artists continue to live and work in the area, contributing beauty, color and inspiration to their surroundings.

Dominic Pangborn. Culture Reckoning - East Greets West. 2006.Tim Yanke. Tons of Steel (detail). 2007.Marcus Glenn. A Dance at the Gallery (detail). 2006.

Shown above (left to right): Dominic Pangborn. Culture Reckoning - East Greets West (detail). 2006. Tim Yanke. Tons of Steel (detail). 2007. Marcus Glenn. A Dance at the Gallery (detail). 2006.

"I paint my stories," explains Marcus Glenn, who was born in Detroit and would eventually hone his artistic skills at the city's renowned art institution, the Center for Creative Studies. "Through art, I want to share a part of myself."

And the artist's roots into the city of Detroit extend even deeper. For instance, Marcus Glenn became the first African American and youngest cartoonist to be published in The Detroit News, he commissioned large murals for Detroit automaker Daimler-Chrysler and he had his first museum exhibition at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit in 2005.

Glenn's vividly expressive works encourage the viewer to experience what fascinates him, especially his love of jazz music. "It's almost as if you're sharing a piece of your soul with the public. I want people to see the love that I put into it," says Glenn

See the full list of 8 More Reasons to Love Detroit at >>


Do you have a positive story to share about Detroit? How will you be celebrating the Motor City's 308th birthday? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

It was an unforgettable Park West experience...


We would like to thank you so much for inviting us to be your guest at the
Park West Gallery VIP cruise. We enjoyed it very much and it was an unforgettable experience. It was everything you promised and more.

Please do thank the rest of the team for a wonderful experience.

Susan D.
Belleville, New Jersey

Gatin (Medium Cat) by Nano Lopez
Gatin (Medium Cat) by Nano Lopez

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Young Art Appreciator Enjoys Park West Auctions

I just wanted to write a letter of thanks to the staff on the Inspiration. Amy and Chris Lindsay delivered an incredible auction and patience with my 9 year old son. He was interested in the artwork and wanted to attend both auctions during our cruise. He even convinced us a purchase a few items for him during the auction.

Outside of the auction, Chris and Amy were willing to spend considerable time answering the questions from my son and educating him on the

Sincere Thanks,

Brian S.
Milford, Ohio

Bugs Bunny II. ©2002 Authentic Images Inc. LOONEY TUNES characters, names and all related indicia are trademarks and © of Warner Bros. Daffy Mini. ©2002 Authentic Images Inc. LOONEY TUNES characters, names and all related indicia are trademarks and © of Warner Bros.

Park West Re-Launches Picasso Website

Pablo Picasso. La Celestine Acte XV. 1968.
Website features expanded information and imagery of the 347 Series, La Celestine, and Suite Vollard artwork

PARK WEST GALLERY is pleased to announce the re-launch of its Pablo Picasso Website. The site includes expanded information about Picasso's 347 Series and the La Celestine images. Additionally, more imagery of Picasso's 347 Series and Suite Vollard has been posted.

The 347 Series is a compilation of 347 etchings, engraving and drypoints and represents one of the last great collections of Picasso graphic works. The entire series was created in only seven months (from March 16 - October 5, 1968) and was part of Picasso's historic battle against the wave of conceptual and theoretical "art" that was the rage in avant-garde circles in the late 1960’s.

Sixty-six of the 347 images were created for a small folio called Tales of Celestine, which explored Picasso’s fascination with the character of Celestina from the Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea (Book of Calisto and Melibea and the Old Whore Celestina), a novel published in 1499 by Fernando de Rojas.

Suite Vollard is 100 etchings created by Picasso between 1930 and 1937 and was one of Ambroise Vollard's most impressive undertakings. Ambroise Vollard, while relatively unknown in his day, has come to be recognized as one of the greatest art dealers and publishers of the 20th century. Over the years, history has vindicated Vollard's artistic instinct and his championship of once controversial painters, including Cézanne, Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Rousseau, Rouault, and Picasso.

Visit to view Park West's latest updates and learn more about Master Artist Pablo Picasso.


Picasso once asked, “Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?” What do you think and why? Share your ideas here!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am extremely satisfied with Park West Gallery…

Dear Park West Gallery:

I am extremely satisfied with the exceptional service I have received from the knowledgeable auctioneers and gallery directors aboard every cruise on which I have purchased artwork. This last cruise was no exception. I purchased artwork from a relative newcomer to the Park West staff, Christopher Lindsay. He was forced to make the best of a "non-art" crowd and only two auctions, but he was very enthusiastic and made the experience very enjoyable.

He and his partner Angie were very attentive to their customers and went above and beyond to ensure a good experience purchasing from Park West. I proudly display my artwork in my home and would recommend Park West to anyone who wants the best value for the art they desire. Thank you, as well, to the other auctioneers and gallery directors I have had the pleasure to do business with.


Lori P.
Wesley Chapel, Florida

MoMA presents Cézanne to Picasso

Paul Cézanne. Still Life with Fruit Dish (detail). 1879-80.
NEW YORK, NY / MoMA.orgCézanne to Picasso: Paintings from the David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection is an intimate installation that highlights a group of nine exceptional early modern European paintings that have been promised over the years to The Museum of Modern Art by David and Peggy Rockefeller.

Thematically, the ensemble provides a small survey of portraiture, landscape, and still-life painting during the early period of modern art. Featuring superb examples of Post-Impressionist, Fauvist, and Cubist painting, ranging from Paul Cézanne’s Still Life with Fruit Dish (1879–80, detail shown above on left) to Pablo Picasso’s The Reservoir, Horta de Ebro (summer 1909, detail shown above on right), this presentation of the early flowering of modern art celebrates the Rockefellers’ longstanding generosity to the Museum.

Cézanne to Picasso is currently on view until August 31, 2009.


"Cézanne to Picasso" highlights modern art movements including Post-Impressionism, Fauvism and Cubism -- which art movements do you prefer?

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Park West Gallery July Art News!

Attention Park West Gallery Newsletter fans,
Issue 11: July 2009 is here!

  • Join the Park West Art Forum,
  • Ann Arbor Art Fair Turns 50,
  • Britto Turns Bentley Into Pop Art,
  • Ace for Life Golf Outing,
  • Vote "4 the Best",
  • Andrew Bone's African Safari,
  • Artists as Reality TV Stars?,
    …And More!

Enjoying the Park West Gallery newsletter? Share your ideas for upcoming issues or leave a comment with your feedback below!

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Making Sense of Thomas Kinkade

MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT - The Middlebury College Museum of Art presents Making Sense of Thomas Kinkade, an exhibition about the enormously successful but controversial contemporary landscape painter. The exhibit is currently on view through August 9, 2009.

The End of a Perfect Day III, © 1995 Thomas Kinkade.
It is easy to dismiss the work of Thomas Kinkade as kitsch and brush aside his popular success as only a marketing phenomenon, but to do so ignores his sincere zeal and the deep resonance his pictures have with huge numbers of people. While an appreciative audience of millions is not a sure sign of aesthetic quality or profundity, the wide appeal of Kinkade's art indicates that he has tapped into powerful personal and cultural longings. In other words, whether his work is good or not, it is telling.

The exhibit considers works by Kinkade along side paintings by Thomas Hill (1829-1908) and Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), two artists he greatly admires, as well as America's Most Wanted, a 1993 landscape print by Vitaly Komar (born 1934) and Alex Melamid (born 1945), that aims to distill into a single work the artistic preferences of a random sample of American adults.

Kinkade's images are consistent with popular preferences in art, but what's more his work is deliberately based on a relevant, respectable artistic heritage. He has reshaped and updated the tradition of Romantic landscape painting in particular and consistent ways to create his nostalgic, sentimental confections. Consistently running through the art that has most influenced Kinkade is a search for relief from the pressures and shortcomings of modern life.

Kinkade's own work may be popular because it is uplifting and painless, but it is not without content. His fantasy alternative existence consists of a tranquil domestic setting in a timeless but nonindustrial world free of social and psychological tensions. His images offer daydream relief from real, serious social and cultural stresses. This redress, however, occurs mostly in wistful imagination rather than in action, and thus Kinkade's pictures help viewers to adapt to a life out of balance with their ideals instead of working toward reconciling conflicting desires in practice.

Kinkade's trademarked tagline is "The Painter of Light" and indeed light is a crucial element of his images. His luminous skies are a standard Romantic convention for suggesting a divine presence permeating nature. Unique to Kinkade's work, as in his painting Hometown Morning, is a bright warm golden light blazing out improbably from every single window of his cozy dwellings.

"I paint glowing windows," notes Kinkade, "because glowing windows say home to me. Glowing windows say welcome. They say all is well. They say that someone's waiting, someone cares enough to turn a light on."

Some pictures show paradise already obtained, or nearly so, which encourages viewers to use them as sedatives, not spurs to soul searching. Kinkade, however, hopes for more. He consciously offers his works as a remedy for psychological and more broadly cultural malaise. Other pictures are invitations to wander, but in their picturesque sweetness and lack of incident and turmoil they assure a safe and happy trip. In this way, Kinkade pictures are like bourgeois vacations: an adventure of sorts, but not dangerous, complete with comforts, replicating one's daily existence at home without its cares and shortcomings but with more novelty and whimsy. [Source:]


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What are your thoughts about the artwork of "The Painter of Light," Thomas Kinkade? Share your comments here!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear Park West Gallery:

Kokopelli (fig. 1) by Tim Yanke
I wish to thank you for the wonderful cruise last week on the Norwegian Dawn. I enjoyed everything about the cruise....loved the accommodations, the Park West hospitality and the opportunity to view/purchase wonderful pieces of art.

I am grateful for the invitation to this VIP function and sincerely appreciate all that the Park West staff did to make the experience so enjoyable. It is always lots of fun to meet and get to know the Park West artists too.

Dave N.
West Barnstable, MA

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rembrandt: Master Painter and Etcher

"Try to put well in practice what you already know; and in so doing, you will in good time, discover the hidden things which you now inquire about."

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (July 15, 1606 – October 4, 1669)

Self-portrait by Rembrandt (1661).
Rembrandt Van Rijn: A Life Etched in Copper

Who was Rembrandt? Most art lovers would answer that he was a painter. A Baroque Master. An emotive genius whose works come to life through a dramatic interplay of shadow and light.

But a printmaker? Fewer people realize that Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn revolutionized the medium. He painted portraits to make a living; he created etchings to test his boundaries.

Rembrandt produced his first etchings by the age of 20 and created more than 300 images during his lifetime—often revisiting the same etching time and again to perfect its execution. His work influenced some of the most renowned print makers in history—including Goya, Whistler, Chagall and Picasso—yet none, save perhaps Picasso, managed to eclipse his virtuosity in the medium.

Popular Success and Personal Tragedy

The ninth of ten children born to Harmen Gerritzsoon van Rijn, a prosperous miller, and Neeltgen Willemsdochter van Zuytbrouck, the daughter of a baker, Rembrandt was born in Leiden, Holland—then considered to be one of the principal artistic and intellectual centers in Holland.

At the age of 13 he enrolled in Leiden University, but soon left to pursue art, first as an apprentice to a history painter in Leiden and later under the tutelage of Pieter Lastman, a famous artist in Amsterdam. Returning to Leiden, Rembrandt opened a studio—while still in his teens—with his friend, Jan Lievens, who had also studied under Lastman.

By the end of 1631, Rembrandt returned to Amsterdam, having accepted a commission from a well-known physician in the city. He lived with Hendrik van Uylenburg, a successful art dealer, whose cousin he married in 1634. Rembrandt’s marriage to Saskia van Uylenburg was a boon to his career, providing him access to wealthy patrons who eagerly commissioned his portraits.

As his career flourished, Rembrandt’s private life was beset by tragedies. Of the couple’s four children, three died before reaching the age of three months. The artist suffered more heartbreak when Saskia died shortly after the birth of their son, Titus, who lived to adulthood—but would pre-decease his father.

After Saskia’s death, Rembrandt hired Geertje Direx to care for his young son. When the relationship soured—leading to a legal battle—he turned to Hendrickje Stoffels, who eventually became his common-law wife. While the couple’s first child died as an infant, their daughter, Cornelia, survived.

Rembrandt had a penchant for an ostentatious lifestyle and was plagued with an obsessive desire to accumulate art and other possessions. After years of living beyond his means, he was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1656. Over the next two years, his home and many of his possessions were auctioned to pay his creditors.

Having lost his wealth, Rembrandt moved with Hendrickje and his children to a small cottage on the outskirts of Amsterdam. He outlived both Hendrickje, who died in 1663 at the age of 37, and Titus, who died in 1668. Within a year of his son’s death, Rembrandt died—on October 4, 1669 in Amsterdam—and was laid to rest in an unmarked grave in the Westerkerk.


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Do you have a favorite work of art or quote by Rembrandt? Share it here!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Park West Judges the American Art Awards

American Art Awards
SOUTHFIELD, MI, July 13, 2009 (PR Urgent) -- Park West Gallery is honored to participate in the judging of the 2009 American Art Awards. The panel of judges responsible for reviewing all of the submitted artwork consists of representatives from twenty-five of the country's most prestigious galleries. Park West Gallery was selected to represent the state of Michigan.

"It's great to be able to view work by up and coming artists and have the opportunity to help them gain exposure," said Morris Shapiro, Park West's Gallery Director of 26 years. "We're in a wonderful time in the evolution of the art world. There are so many gifted artists at work, and most of them are sensing the 'pendulum' moving back toward aesthetic beauty and artistic rigorousness and away from the novel, sensational and conceptual 'art' that preoccupies so much of our world today. I'm really looking forward to seeing what's out there."

The American Art Awards, hosted by artist and actor Thom Bierdz, provides fifty categories for artists to enter their works into; a 'Best in Show' will be selected in addition to winners from each category. Submissions are due by July 31, 2009, and the winners will be announced sometime in August. The exposure for winning artists will be substantial given that the complete results of the 2009 American Art Awards will be distributed to over 30,000 galleries, collectors and artists; the winning artists' information along with their artwork will also be displayed on the American Art Awards website for an entire year.

For more information on the American Art Awards and submission guidelines, visit

Monday, July 13, 2009

Customer Reflects on Latest Park West Experience

What can I say to and about Sebelle? Those of us who lived with her for 10 days can only think of her as a very attractive, bright, knowledgeable, helpful, fun, loveable human being. She will be missed but we're grateful that she was able to touch our lives albeit for such a short time.

Please carry my thanks to your colleagues for creating a perfect trip with perfect people as the engine that kept us energized, interested and very happy. I can't think of one thing that I could have added to the mix to make my stay any more exciting than it was. The idea of introducing real artists to the mix was a brilliant idea and your choices could not have been more perfect.

The accommodations were superlative; the cruise ship equally so. My congratulations to Park West for the people they hire, their marketing ideas and the caliber of their product knowledge.

Sunday Morning Regatta by Marko Mavrovich
Kathy and I were both grateful for the opportunity you folks gave us to expand our knowledge of art, meet some very nice traveling companions and commiserate with top notch artists.

GOD bless you all,

Ray Z. and Kathy K.
East Moriches, New York

The Art Books of Matisse at the Haggin Museum


Henri Matisse. Icare (Icarus). 1947. © 2008 Sucession H. Matisse, Paris/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.Now through September 20, the Haggin Museum presents The Art Books of Henri Matisse, an exhibition of original illustrations and text by one of the preeminent artists of the 20th century.

Best known for his boldly colored paintings, Matisse began experimenting with printmaking in 1903 and eventually illustrated 12 books, each issued in a limited edition and signed by the artist. The exhibition includes text and original illustrations from four of Matisse’s most artistically significant books.

Henri Matisse influenced a diverse number of art movements, artists, and schools of thought. His influence and innovations continue to inspire scholarship, interest and appreciation among art historians and lovers of art. Over the course of his 60-year career, he created a body of work that comprised paintings, drawings, prints, cutouts and sculpture, as well as costume and stage set designs.

Matisse was in his sixties and a renowned artist when he began to make books. Though the making of books was a new artistic realm for Matisse, he regarded the prints he created for books as an extension of drawing. The same flowing lines that characterized so many of his paintings carried over to the printmaking medium and related illustrations.

Among the printmaking techniques he used were etching, linoleum cuts, and lithography. While there are many shared elements between Matisse’s painting and his book illustration, there were some constraints that informed his process and approach. In book illustration, the goal was to establish a relationship between drawing and the existing text.

Working within the defined space of a book also created practical limitations not typical in painting. Visual images can be absorbed instantaneously, while the absorption of text requires a slower process of reading and analysis. For this reason, book illustration is valuable not only as an art form but also as a unique combination of the written word and visual art.


Henri Matisse once said, “Creativity takes courage," - do you agree?

Friday, July 10, 2009

We are steadfast Park West clients and fans...

Dear Park West Gallery:

Elephant Calf by Andrew BoneMike, and I, wanted to thank you again for the wonderful Baltic cruise. We are truly amazed at the efficiency and professionalism of all of the Park West associates. The VIP art was extraordinary, and the ability to meet with the artists and enjoy their company is an unparalleled experience. Needless to say, we are steadfast Park West clients, and fans!

Many thanks -

Stephanie & Michael V.
Malibu, California

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Looking forward to joining Park West at sea...

Songuese by Emile Bellet
Dear Park West Gallery,

Recently received my Bellet purchases. I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!! Gave me the incentive to rearrange my furniture and re-hang (even give away) stuff I've collected over the years along the gulf coast to free up prime wall space.

Thanks to Kathy and Al, I learned so much. Attending seminars and auctions was the major activity of the day for me, whether mornings, afternoons or evenings. Kathy knows how to keep the attendees interested and as the cruise continued quite a crowd collected to hear her. This was an experience I am not likely to forget.

Looking forward to my next Art cruise,

Arthur S.
Pensacola, FL

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Park West Gallery Launches Facebook Page

Social media site allows gallery to connect with art collectors worldwide

Southfield, MI, July 02, 2009 --( To reach fine art collectors worldwide, Park West Gallery recently launched a page on Facebook. This new Facebook Page aggregates all Park West web content, enabling fans to use it as their portal to all things Park West; the page also features general art content enthusiasts everywhere will enjoy.

Park West Gallery's Facebook page will keep fans up to date on the latest news regarding Park West artists, the gallery and the art world in general. There are also various images uploaded to the page such as photographs of the elegant Park West galleries in Michigan and Florida.

Park West also maintains a Facebook group, the Park West Gallery Art Collectors Club. With a large number of members that grows daily, the Collectors Club hosts discussions on various art-related topics; these discussions are pertinent to novice and seasoned art collectors as well as anyone enthusiastic about fine artwork.

In keeping with its mission of bringing fine art to people everywhere, Park West Gallery will continue to develop its presence on Facebook. Art appreciators can join Park West on both the Park West Gallery page and the Park West Gallery Art Collectors Club and will find an ever-increasing wealth of information to utilize and enjoy.

Park West's group and page can be found by searching for Park West Gallery at


Park West VIPs spend time with artist Leslie Lew

Dear Leslie,

Snap, Crackle, and POP by Leslie LewJennifer and I had a wonderful time talking and spending time with you in Atlanta at the Park West VIP event. You made our weekend one we will never forget. Words cannot express the thanks I want to give you for painting the flag on my cane. Every time I look at it I will have the memory of meeting you.

Again, thanks for making our weekend one we will never forget.

Phil and Jennifer W.
Sumter, South Carolina

View Leslie Lew Artwork

Visit the Leslie Lew Website

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Albert Scaglione Co-Chairs Ace For Life Golf Outing

Ace For Life
The Coalition of Pregnancy Centers presents

Saturday, August 15, 2009

At the beautiful Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center in Plymouth, Michigan

Chance to Win $10,000
hole-in-one! All for a $500 charitable donation!

The ACE FOR LIFE event will include:

  • 27 consecutive par three holes!

  • $10,000 for each hole-in-one*

  • $1,000 for most total birdies

  • $1,000 for most total greenies

  • 1 ½-hr. Short Game Clinic

  • Premium food and beverage services

*Maximum of three (3) $10,000 prizes will be awarded for holes-in-one. In the event there is no hole-in-one, one (1) $10,000 prize will be awarded for closest to the pin.

Event co-chairs: Vic Faust, Channel 7 News Anchor; Chuck Gaidica, Channel 4 Meteorologist; Albert Scaglione, CEO of Park West Gallery; Father John Riccardo, Pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel; and Theresa Tomeo, Author & Talk Show Host

ACE FOR LIFE proceeds support infants from area Pregnancy Centers that empower Men/Women to become self-sufficient, improving lives forever in our community.

For more info visit or call 313.277.5637

Download Event Flyer

Monday, July 6, 2009

Will the Next Bravo Reality TV Star Be an Artist?


BravoNEW YORK, June 30, 2009 / -– Bravo's latest stroke on the reality canvas brings Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Sarah Jessica Parker and her production company, Pretty Matches, together with the Emmy-nominated Magical Elves ("Top Chef," "Project Runway") and Eli Holzman, to produce an hour long creative competition series among contemporary artists. The Untitled Art Project will bring together thirteen aspiring artists to compete for a gallery show, a cash prize and a sponsored national tour. Open calls for artists interested in competing in this highly anticipated new competition series will be held in cities across the country starting in July.

In each episode of the series, contestants will create unique pieces highlighting art's role in everyday life, while they compete and create in a range of disciplines including sculpture, painting, photography and industrial design (to name a few). In working beyond their preferred mediums, artists will have to adapt quickly in order to succeed. Completed works of art will be appraised by a panel of top art world figures including fellow artists, gallerists, collectors, curators and critics. The finalists' work will be showcased in a nation-wide museum tour.

Auditions will be held in July in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and New York.

For more information on "The Untitled Art Project" visit


Is the arts meeting reality TV a great idea or a disturbing concept? Share your thoughts here!

Vote 4 the Best - Park West Gallery

WDIV_Vote for the Best_Park West Gallery
The annual WDIV Channel 4 vote "4 the Best" contest has begun!

Voters can select their favorites from among 4300+ local Detroit businesses in 100+ categories.

Park West Gallery was selected as the 2008 Winner in the Arts and Entertainment category for "Best Art Gallery in Detroit" -- and we would love to keep our title in 2009!

Click here to cast your vote "4 the Best" - Park West Gallery!

Contest ends August 31, 2009
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