Thursday, July 30, 2009

Park West Art Auctioneer's Passion Shows

Dear Park West Gallery:

I want to compliment our cruise art director, Michael. We have purchased on cruise ships in the past and have seen several directors. Michael is by far the best one we have encountered. He is extremely knowledgeable about art and the artists. He has a passion for collecting and tries to share that passion with patrons. He has an intense energy during the auctions. The auctions were fun and entertaining.

The Dancers by Romero Britto
Michael was great with art patrons. During the previews, I saw him moving through the crowd, able to talk at any level about the piece in question. I heard him make recommendations with sincerity and in line with the patrons’ interests, not just to make another sale. He treated everyone with the same respect and dedication whether buying thousands of dollars on multiple pieces or only hundreds on one piece.

The thing that makes him stand out, in my opinion, is that he is genuine and it shows. I hope next time I go on a cruise, he is the art director because I will definitely buy from him again.

James B.
Lascassas, Tennessee

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