Monday, July 13, 2009

Customer Reflects on Latest Park West Experience

What can I say to and about Sebelle? Those of us who lived with her for 10 days can only think of her as a very attractive, bright, knowledgeable, helpful, fun, loveable human being. She will be missed but we're grateful that she was able to touch our lives albeit for such a short time.

Please carry my thanks to your colleagues for creating a perfect trip with perfect people as the engine that kept us energized, interested and very happy. I can't think of one thing that I could have added to the mix to make my stay any more exciting than it was. The idea of introducing real artists to the mix was a brilliant idea and your choices could not have been more perfect.

The accommodations were superlative; the cruise ship equally so. My congratulations to Park West for the people they hire, their marketing ideas and the caliber of their product knowledge.

Sunday Morning Regatta by Marko Mavrovich
Kathy and I were both grateful for the opportunity you folks gave us to expand our knowledge of art, meet some very nice traveling companions and commiserate with top notch artists.

GOD bless you all,

Ray Z. and Kathy K.
East Moriches, New York

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