Friday, December 30, 2011

A Really Special Park West Gallery Experience

Park West Gallery, Csaba Markus, cruise art auctions
"Eunoe" by Csaba Markus
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"Once again, thank you so much for your letter thanking me and Tom for joining you for a memorable VIP event.

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe presented a really special backdrop for the presentations. Scott Jacobs and his wife could not have been more hospitable in opening up their gorgeous ranch to virtual strangers; and Park West Gallery's catering arrangements just added to the overall experience.

Although I had the privilege of meeting Csaba Markus last year at the Norwegian Epic VIP cruise, seeing him in his natural studio habitat - and having him cook his 'famous' goulash for us was a real experience; and I am looking forward to receiving the original as well as the edition piece I won at the auction while at Csaba's studio.

As I stated in a letter to you following the Baltic event, I really do enjoy the overall experience of being surrounded by the artwork and artists - and learning - a continuing educational experience - about the works as well as the artists. The presentations mean a lot to me even if I don't bid on a particular work or artist.

This was our sixth VIP trip (three on land, and three cruises); and it is still difficult to find room for improvement since the hard work of your staff continues to pay off with the arrangements for the accommodations, auctions, parties, dinners, etc. down to a science.

Again, thank you for all of your considerations, and I, too, look forward to seeing you at future events."

Hudson, Florida

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One of the Best Cruises

Alex Pauker, Park West Gallery, fine art, cruise art auctions
"Wish You Were Here" by Alex Pauker
Park West Gallery Collection

Dear Mr. Scaglione,

"I really don't like letter writing, but I do when I feel like it warrants a letter. This episode started about seven years ago when I went on my first cruise. I went out of New York on the Celebrity line. While on that ship I met one of the Park West Gallery employees. Now I was never an art enthusiast, but my wife wanted to go to the auction, so we did. The Auctioneer made art seem very interesting. I ended up going to the rest of the auction and even let my wife purchase some art. My favorite pieces, being by Emile Bellet. Since that time I have been on other cruises. I started going with NCL.

This cruise, we left New York on September 25, 2011. It was also aboard the Norwegian Gem. I wasn't going to go on anymore NCL cruises, but my son wanted to get engaged on the cruise. So we booked and went. It was one of the best cruises I have been on, and in no small way, your art director is largely responsible.

I figured I would sit in, on the first lecture. WOW this man is powerful. I know he has to be knowledgeable or he wouldn't be in that position. [He] was an exceptional speaker as well. Since I retired from the police department in 1990 ... I have since been made Master Instructor and my job is to teach new instructors how to teach. I also go around and critique classes. I'm telling you this so you understand that I'm not easily impressed by public speakers. Most I find very boring. However I wish I could get my entire instructor staff to learn what seem to come natural to [this auctioneer]. There have been volumes of books written on the art of communicating. I think you could read them all and still not communicate as well as [he did]. He not only put out so much information at his lectures but made them interesting. You do your self proud by having a man like your Art Director on your staff."

Lindenhurst, New York

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Exemplary Service from Park West Gallery

Dear Mr. Scaglione,

I am writing you with regard to my recent cruise to Alaska on the Norwegian Pearl, which departed Seattle on August 21st. My wife and I have purchased art from Park West Gallery on a couple of previous cruises, so we intended to participate in the auctions on this cruise. You should also know that in our almost 40 years of marriage, my wife and I have always shared our positive feedback with management when we have received exemplary service from employees, believing as we do that positive feedback often goes unreported.

Your cruise Art Director and her assistants and his wife provided us with our best experience on any cruise previously. Not only did they represent Park West Gallery with complete professionalism and enthusiasm, but also made us feel as if we were special and appreciated clients. They were friendly, knowledgeable, informative, supportive and helpful. The art auctions and information sessions were the highlight of our cruise! [The assistant] did a wonderful job when he led one of the auction sessions and we believe he will make an excellent Art Director when he goes out on his own. [The Art Director]’s presentations were not just informative, but her love and appreciation for artists, art history and the topics she covered shone through and captivated us (I am sure other guests shared that feeling as well).

I am proud to say that I now own a Peter Max, an original Rembrandt etching (albeit it is a recent one), a one of a kind Tarkay (limited edition, hand signed, watercolor embellished) and several new Medvedev’s. Thanks to [the Art Director], I now understand what those terms mean and their implication for our own collecting. We are going to have to rethink almost all of the walls of our house, but what a fun thing it will be to do. We can’t wait to share our art with our friends and family!

Thank you for your time and your choices of personnel to represent your Galleries. We look forward to our next cruise and opportunity to add to our collection.

Sparks, Nevada

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Looking Forward to Future Park West Gallery Art Auction Cruises

Park West Gallery, Itzchak Tarkay, cruise art auctions
"Rainy Day Blues #26" by Itzchak Tarkay
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our buying experience on-board the NCL Star.

The art team was wonderful. They were very professional and experienced in the art field and answered our many questions about collecting art.

The auctions were fun and informative. The team worked well together and with us, as clients.

You have a very talented group in this particular team and we send our highest recommendation to you regarding their performance.

We look forward to future cruises and the Park West Gallery experience on-board."

Clearwater, Florida

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanks Once Again

Peter Max, Park West Gallery, cruise art auctions
"Planetary Vision" by Peter Max
Park West Gallery Collection
©Peter Max, 2011

Dear Park West Gallery,

"Thank you and all of your colleagues for a wonderful cruise. We enjoyed the entire experience and are looking forward to the arrival of our Zen Max. We saw Peter is now involved in the design of a cruise liner departing in 2015. We look forward to seeing you and the Park West Gallery crew then and the years in between. Thanks once again to all of you."
Minneapolis, Minnesota
"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job [your art auction team] did on our cruise. They really made it a lot of fun and even though we only made a small purchase we learned so much. [Your associate] was especially helpful in teaching us more about the Agam that will some day be our first big purchase. They were 'Great.'"

Houston, Texas
"Just a quick email to let you know that we have received all of our paintings and certificates of authenticity and everything was received in excellent condition. All paintings are now hung and I would like to thank you and your company for your prompt delivery and condition these were received in."

Walkley Heights, Australia

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thank You for Another Wonderful Park West Gallery Art Auction Cruise

Park West Gallery, Tim Yanke, cruise art auctions
"Lone Star XVIII" by Tim Yanke
Park West Gallery Collection

Dear Park West Gallery,

"I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for inviting us on another wonderful VIP cruise. The whole event, from starting at the W Hotel in Times Square through our docking back in NY City, was just wonderful.

Being able to start the week with a Broadway show, visit the Peter Max studio, then meet Marko, Tim and Leslie while on board were great highlights to a great week. It is so interesting to meet the artists, discuss their lives, their styles; their approach to their craft truly opens the collector to a different plateau. I don't think I would ever understand the abstractions of Tim Yanke, the style of Leslie Lew or the ever changing point of view of Marko without spending time with the artists, and with the presentations by [your team].

As we upscale our collection, we look forward to joining you on future VIP events. We cannot wait for our new acquisitions to start arriving from Park West Gallery. Again, our sincere thanks for this marvelous opportunity."

Stratford, Connecticut
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