Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One of the Best Cruises

Alex Pauker, Park West Gallery, fine art, cruise art auctions
"Wish You Were Here" by Alex Pauker
Park West Gallery Collection

Dear Mr. Scaglione,

"I really don't like letter writing, but I do when I feel like it warrants a letter. This episode started about seven years ago when I went on my first cruise. I went out of New York on the Celebrity line. While on that ship I met one of the Park West Gallery employees. Now I was never an art enthusiast, but my wife wanted to go to the auction, so we did. The Auctioneer made art seem very interesting. I ended up going to the rest of the auction and even let my wife purchase some art. My favorite pieces, being by Emile Bellet. Since that time I have been on other cruises. I started going with NCL.

This cruise, we left New York on September 25, 2011. It was also aboard the Norwegian Gem. I wasn't going to go on anymore NCL cruises, but my son wanted to get engaged on the cruise. So we booked and went. It was one of the best cruises I have been on, and in no small way, your art director is largely responsible.

I figured I would sit in, on the first lecture. WOW this man is powerful. I know he has to be knowledgeable or he wouldn't be in that position. [He] was an exceptional speaker as well. Since I retired from the police department in 1990 ... I have since been made Master Instructor and my job is to teach new instructors how to teach. I also go around and critique classes. I'm telling you this so you understand that I'm not easily impressed by public speakers. Most I find very boring. However I wish I could get my entire instructor staff to learn what seem to come natural to [this auctioneer]. There have been volumes of books written on the art of communicating. I think you could read them all and still not communicate as well as [he did]. He not only put out so much information at his lectures but made them interesting. You do your self proud by having a man like your Art Director on your staff."

Lindenhurst, New York

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