Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Park West Gallery Newsletter Editors

The Park West Gallery Newsletter staff is so appreciative of all of the thoughtful words we receive from our readers. Here are just a few of the kind responses from November's issue and we look forward to publishing even more in upcoming issues!

"I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful display of art that was aboard our ship. We had a lovely time at the auctions and saw the video of Destino, by Salvador Dali. It was beautiful. I watched it twice! I love receiving your newsletters and updates on various artists. We have a few pieces now by a couple of your artists which we love the color in their work. Keep up the great customer service."

Cherie & Malcolm S.
Perth, Washington

"My wife and I have been enjoying Park West Gallery for many years. Our art collection and knowledge has grown tremendously. We look forward to the auctions (on or off cruises) and gatherings, not trying to miss any chance to enjoy the viewing of fine art and learn more about new art and the artists. We have meet quite a few artists and found them all to be very nice, outgoing and down to earth. Thank you Park West for this opportunity. I have the utmost confidence in Park West and look forward ito doing business with you for a long time coming."

Scot and Donna C.
Loves Park, Illinois

"I love your newsletter with its beautiful illustrations and the art. As someone who does not get to visit art galleries in person it is a wonderful and very welcome email. I bought two pieces on a cruise, and thoroughly enjoy them. Keep up the good work. I wish Park West all the best. Happy Holidays to your hardworking staff."

Elma L.
Saint Philip, Barbados

"Thanks so much for the newsletter and Thanksgiving wishes....My father will be thrilled to see his new website. Thank you to the Park West team and especially to Albert for keeping him in high regard as always. The economic situation in the US as well as in Europe has taken a toll on everyone and I am grateful to see that with such a small gesture your Gallery is able to say so much. I think at times we forget that the most important and the most valued aspect of business is interpersonal relations.... and mutual respect. It makes me proud that my father is doing business with people who value him not only as an artist, but also as a human being. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Park West, and our warmest regards to Albert and his family."

Rimma K., Anatole Krasnyansky's daughter

"The economy has taken us by surprise but we are looking forward to prosperous times ahead. Art is my great passion and your gallery Park West makes it possible for me to live and enjoy that passion every time I look at my art from Park West Gallery."

Kathryn & Brian L.
Orlando, Florida

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