Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wonderful Memories to Cherish

"December 2, 2008

Dear Simon, Chris, Rebecca, and Samantha,

Simon Bull, Even Song The pleasure of attending the Park West VIP cruise was all ours. We will cherish the wonderful memories of our experience always and hope that we can see you all and the others again soon.

We attended the Park West VIP event aboard the Carnival Liberty with our top notch "art crew". We weren't sure what to expect and were quickly reassured that his event would be an exceptional experience for us...and it was!!! The team was knowledgeable, intelligent, sensible, reasonable, accommodating, reassuring, and FUN.

The art auction experience was miles above other art auctions we have attended in the past. The beauty and value of the art presented to us was beyond our imagination. Inviting the artists David Najar, Simon Bull, and Tim Yanke was inspiring and even more fun for us. I felt as though I could much better understand how they paint...creating art works from their inner space. They were each and every one of them gifted, talented, and humble men with whom it was our great pleasure to become acquainted.

We particularly enjoyed meeting and visiting with their families. It made us feel as though we would have had a similar experience had we gone on a cruise with some of the deceased master painters such as Picasso, Miro, Chagall, Renoir, Dali, or Rembrandt.

David Najar, Natural BorderWe cannot thank you enough for including us in the Park West VIP art cruising group. While at first herded together with 30 coupled strangers, we grew to bond with these people who were all tied together by each's love of fine art works. Our common joyful experiences among the art previews, auctions, special dinners, excursions, and endless cocktail parties with your fellow guests enabled us to develop comradery and some lasting friendships with these people as well as your able minded Park West personnel.

I am going everywhere among my wide circles of friends and family raving about what a wonderful time Park West Galleries provided us on our recent cruise. We had as Chris from England would say a "Smashing Time!" Now we cannot wait to meet our new art purchases which truly have taken our collection to a whole new level of quality and superiority.

With eternal gratitude for your kind generosity and hospitality,"

Lynn and Wayne B.
De Bary, Florida

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