Friday, December 19, 2008

Puzzled by Art? Test Your Logic!

Test Your Logic! This weekend, Mary will visit Park West Gallery to take full advantage of the great prices offered by the Winter Sale.

Park West Gallery, Winter Sale Mary plans to purchase holiday gifts of artwork for five of her friends (Hannah Kah, Kris Maas, Rudolph Rednose, Sandy Clause and Tim Tinsel). Each friend has their personal favorite when it comes to artists but all of them agree on their top five choices (Itzchak Tarkay, Peter Max, Salvador Dali, Scott Jacobs and Thomas Kinkade) and each work of art will be framed in a different color of Mary's choosing (black, brown, gold, mahogany and white).

Every day next week, each of Mary's lucky friends will receive a delivery from Park West Gallery. No two friends will receive artwork by the same artist framed in the same color and no friend will receive artwork by the same artist or in the same frame color more than once next week.

From the information provided, can you complete the chart that has been started below? Wouldn't you like to be friends with Mary?!

Park West Gallery Puzzle

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