Monday, August 8, 2011

Park West Gallery, Providing Art Education and Appreciation

"Pierrot" by Marc Chagall
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

"I want to thank you personally for all you did to make our VIP cruise so enjoyable. Behind the scenes, you went the last mile to make certain that we had a great time and your wonderful personality got us off to a great start from day one all through the remainder of the trip. You made certain everything was perfect, were friendly all the time and smiled, smiled and smiled some more. And then ran one of the most effective auctions I’ve had the opportunity to attend. I hope you were pleased with the overall results… I know Amy and I are excited about the five new additions to our home..."

Little Rock, Arkansas
"[Your art auctioneers] are Awesome! They were extremely knowledgeable and were a huge help in getting our art collection started. We bought our first Peter Max, some Chens, quite a few Kinkade pieces and some animations for our son's room. I believe that we are going to enjoy all of this artwork and it would not have been possible without their help."

Stockbridge, Georgia
"To give a plug to your presenter/auctioneer on our cruise up through the North Pacific Coast Islands and fjords off Canada and Alaska. My wife and I attended several showings... The point of this note is to say how impressed we are/were over her presentation and a mini-bio of Rembrandt as a pioneering master of graphic arts and founder of techniques of putting his creations on so many different media. Art history lecturing with ECLAT!! An education and appreciation...beginner's class 101...but fun as well."

Eagle Point, Oregon

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