Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sharing Art Knowledge, Expertise and Insight

"Heaven Sent" by Noah | Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for including us at the collectors event at Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch. It was indeed a pleasure to meet [Mr. Shapiro] and have the opportunity to share in [his] knowledge, expertise and insights of the art community. The beauty and majesty of the location and the friendliness of the group combined to offer a memorable weekend. It is always special to meet the artists and realize the inspiration and vision behind their works. Your staff took the time and effort to make us feel welcome and their efficiency and gracious service did not go unnoticed. Once again, Thank You. We are looking forward to receiving our artworks."

Jamestown, Colorado

"Sorry this is so late in coming. I think of dropping a line but everything I think of seems lame. I am so insignificant when it comes to art. I wish I had brought a notebook to your talks on some of the older artists so I could have taken notes. The paintings were so soothing; you could have just one and be happy. I need to take an art appreciation class from you... Anyway thanks for all of your hospitality and talks. We enjoyed both."


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