Monday, August 2, 2010

Park West Gallery Auctioneers Get Kudos from Customers!

The Art Auctioneers running the Park West Gallery Cruise Art Auctions onboard cruise ships around the world enjoy helping first-time collectors and seasoned collectors alike in acquiring the perfect artworks for their personal collections. Next time you find yourself cruising, be sure to find the Art Auctioneers and check out the Park West Gallery Art Collection onboard.

Rhythm in the Tropics
Alfred Gockel
Park West Gallery Collection
We just returned from our cruise and wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had at the Park West Gallery art auctions. Jackie, Damian and Louie were unbelievable. The nicest people we met on the cruise. I sat for every auction and enjoyed every second. They are a wonderful team and work great together. Looking forward to our next cruise and Park West Gallery art auction.

Thank you so much.

Mary Elaine D.
Dalton, PA


Mediterranean Dreams
Park West Gallery Collection
My wife and I had the most enjoyable time at the art auctions conducted by Leo, Philip, and Annie. Leo's presentation was filled with humor as well as teaching at a level novice collectors such as ourselves can understand and absorb. Leo and Philip 'lit a fire in us' to begin to truly collect works of art not just pictures and that as soon as we arrived home, we began researching the works that we purchased and can't wait for them to arrive. We are looking forward to our next cruise.


Dave and Sandy N.
Poughquag, NY

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