Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Park West Art Auction Seminars Are Enjoyable and Educational

My name is Manuel and I recently took a cruise to the Baltic Capitals aboard the Norwegian Sun with my wife and two kids. The reason why I am writing you is to extend my most sincere congratulations regarding your Park West Gallery staff onboard.

Bright Spring Day
Slava Brodinsky
Park West Gallery Collection
The Park West Gallery art auctions conducted by Mitch and Violeta outperform any of the other auctions I have attended for several reasons. First of all, the auctions were extremely interesting and educational since the broad knowledge of both of them was very clear to all who attended. Furthermore, the way they conducted such auctions were FUN since they have a great sense of humor.

Another thing we (my wife and 13 year old daughter) really appreciated were the Park West Gallery art seminars on the cruise. We attended all five of them and it was really impressive the amount of information and knowledge Mitch had, along with the very precise and complementary information of Violeta. I am very grateful that they took the time because my 13 year old daughter would rather have come with us to the seminars instead of going to the pool or hang out. When I asked her, the explanation was very simple; “they are really interesting and I want to know more so I can enjoy the collection we have back home”. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! In addition, one of the seminars was about Marc Chagall. During the seminar, Mitch mentioned the story of the roof of the Opera House in Paris. When we went to Paris after the cruise ended, the first thing my daughter told me when we entered the Opera House was that she wanted to go see the Chagall painting on the roof.

Also I would like to share with you my appreciation for the time they gave me to talk about art and also to share the different perspectives on how to buy, collect, share, enjoy and appreciate art. As I told both Mitch and Violeta on the final day - THEY MADE MY CRUISE.

Congratulations to you and Park West Gallery for having these wonderful people on your staff.


Best Regards,

Manuel C.
Tijuana, Mexico

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