Monday, February 7, 2011

Park West Gallery Impressed Me to the MAX!

Peter Max, cruise art auctions, Park West Gallery fine art collection
"Flag with Heart Ver. XXIII #21" by Peter Max
Park West Gallery Collection, ©Peter Max 2011
Dear Park West Gallery,

"Now that the holidays are over I would like to express to you that the cruise my girlfriend Linda & I were so fortunate to take was FABULOUS!!!

Never have I been treated so royally on a cruise. From the moment we arrived at the Hotel in NYC to the moment we disembarked off the ship, the experience was extremely enjoyable.

Visiting with Peter Max was the highlight of my trip! I enjoy his works immensely & have a few and to meet him in person was such a treat I cannot explain to you! The dinner afterwards was the Best! The food and company was fantastic! Being able to roam around the city in the morning of the cruise gave me a new outlook of the city and being nearby Bryant Park at that time of the year was very nice. Watching the skaters and visiting through the shops before Christmas enabled me to do some great shopping for the holidays.

As for the cruise itself, what can I say?! Your planning and diversity of the artworks and artists blew me away! I learned so very much and was able to enjoy every minute of your hard work. My time spent with fellow art lovers allowed me to appreciate the cruise even more.

I will cut this short because I could ramble on and on about what a Grand time I had! I would just like to tell you how much I appreciated the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful cruise!

Congratulations on a job Extremely Well Done! Your definitely impressed me to the Max! (Ha! pun intended.)"

Dominica B.
Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey

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