Friday, June 18, 2010

A Great Park West Gallery Art Event

Park West Gallery strives to create memorable experiences for those who join us for our Cruise Art Auctions as well as our land-based events. Of course we would like to help you add some wonderful artwork to your collections, but it is equally important to us that you walk away with a better understanding of art – and that you meet some great people too!


La Feminine. Csaba Markus.Rex and I had a fabulous time this weekend. By far it was the best Park West Gallery event to-date. We've always enjoyed the art auctions in the past that included dinner but there is nothing like a weekend event where you get to relax with the artists and learn so much about them and their artwork. I like being able to peruse the artwork over a few days too. Our special thanks go to Chris, Samantha, Seth, Jason, Dustin and yourself for making sure this event was top-notch.

And meeting new people along the way and having quite a few laughs is always nice too. There were plenty of laughs this weekend so thanks to all of you for making it so memorable.

Best regards,

Cynthia & Rex B.
San Ramon, CA

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