Friday, October 15, 2010

Art Collectors Say Park West Gallery Is #1


Carol and I were thoroughly impressed by the first-class act and opportunity with regards to accommodations, itinerary, and art presentation provided to us by PARK WEST GALLERY at the VIP event on the NORWEGIAN PEARL cruise to ALASKA the first week in August of this year.

Having been collectors since 1999, we are very grateful for the opportunity to collect such great works of art from such a fine family at outrageously reasonable and budgetary prices. If the SCAGLIONE FAMILY, complemented by the fine staff of auctioneers and auctioneer assistants, including the great art historian MORRIS SHAPIRO, had not had the intuitiveness, the guts, and the warm heart/concern for other people's art appreciation to venture forward and start this art gallery business, we all would not have ever been exposed to this great, uplifting emotional experience we enjoy everyday of our lives, in the midst of all the negativism that exists in the world.

The inspiration, joy, and satisfaction we derive every day from gazing on our pieces is priceless. We can never thank you enough and words just become idle chatter after a while, so we will show our appreciation going forward with collecting more fine artworks exclusively from this fine family.

Voted #1 art gallery in INDIANA, also.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to say what I believe."

Duane P.
Dubois, Indiana

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