Monday, January 9, 2012

Igniting Interest in Art

Park West Gallery customer reviews, David Schluss, cruise art auctions
"Verde Fiesta I" by David Schluss
Park West Gallery Collection

Dear Park West Gallery,

"I'm a beginning art collector and I met [your auctioneer] on the first day of the cruise. While I was perusing what I thought was the ship's art collection, he introduced himself and I found him to be personable, congenial and polite. 

As we began to talk, he inquired into the level of my art collection/artist and what I like and why. Based on that information, he showed me pieces that I might like. Through his passion and knowledge, he ignited my interest in art. Subsequently, he invited me to attend his mini seminar which I found enjoyable and informative which enticed me to attend the onboard auction

I walked around and viewed the pieces and found several pieces to fall in love with. Unfortunately, they were beyond my means. Feeling my disappointment, [the auctioneer] sat down with me and helped me to learn that we should learn to enjoy the larger pieces and collect the smaller ones. 

Through him, I have become reconnected to the wonderful world of art. I feel a special connection to a special person. Thank you for scheduling him in my path and I would hope to see him again."

Minneola, Florida

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    one is blueboy and the other is pinky.
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