Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tomasz Rut Book Available

How often do we see museum-goers standing transfixed by the majesty of a Michelangelo, a Rubens, or a Raphael?

And surely, there are one or two admirers among them actually daydreaming of taking home one of these masterpieces to mount over his or her couch – after passing invisibly through customs.

Short of inviting what would inevitably be an awkward conversation with customs officials, Park West Gallery is pleased to announce another option. For all those who dream of living with classically inspired majesty every day, consider an Exclusive Edition of work by Tomasz Rut. Rut (pronounced "Root") is one those rare modern masters who truly understands classic form and color.

To find out how you can obtain this unique edition, which Mr. Rut created exclusively for Park West Gallery, click on or call our friendly team at customer support.

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