Friday, April 3, 2009

Dear Park West Gallery

We have totally enjoyed the Park West experience. Specifically, the seminars on the cruise ships have raised our interest and knowledge and have created a love of art in both my husband and I. We plan, in about 10 years, to apply for an auctioneer position on a cruise ship and share our passion with others who are like we used to be; uncaring and unknowing about the beauty and intrigue of art.

One more instance we would like to thank Park West for: My parents joined us for a cruise on the NCL Spirit. I bought my mother a Brodinsky landscape. She picked out a frame and I paid. She lives in US, I live in Canada. Unfortunately, the invoice failed to include the frame she picked. I was unaware of the problem until a few months after when she still hadn't received her framed print. Park West figured out what had happened and fixed it for her. She has the framed print above her fireplace. I am so impressed! It was for her 60th birthday. Thank you for making her happy!

We are Park West customers for life. Nice way to run a business! We hope to become part of your team when our kids are grown and our art knowledge is more comprehensive.

Angela V.
Alberta, Canada / March 25, 2009

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