Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Park West Artists at Sea: Fanch Ledan

Volets Caraibes by Fanch Ledan

Artists are hanging up their brushes and testing their sea legs to launch a program intended to enhance the Celebrity guest’s cruising experience.

By Cassandra,
Cruise Ship Art Auctioneer

Fanch Ledan boarded the Celebrity Constellation with the intention to initiate as much involvement with the guests as possible. His charming French demeanor and his readiness to greet guests assured a sensational first night onboard. Even if they were not previously involved in art, their chance to meet the world renowned artist quickly sparked their interest.

The next day was a live interview with the cruise director. The vision of the artist was discussed and the floor was opened for questions and answers. The intimate crowd was quite enthused to have personal insight to the artist’s world and was eager to hear more.

After the interview came the first auction. A live art auction is always a guaranteed crowd pleaser. When one of the artists is present to comment on his works it becomes a truly electrifying event . Mr. Ledan would humbly inform the crowd of the inspiration and significance behind each work of art -- information that even the most knowledgeable art dealer might be unable to provide. His words narrated a story behind each work and embedded emotional ties into the crowd. Many of these guests soon became Fanch Ledan art collectors.

Over many dinner discussions, the word spread fast throughout the ship that there was a special artist onboard. The gossip was that he was fun, friendly and most of all, approachable. Many guests commented on his amicability and his willingness to discuss his many experiences as an artist. The art gallery was busy for the next few days; mainly with signatures, photo shoots and lengthy conversations.

The second auction was an even bigger hit than the first. By that time, the whole ship had access to the live interview with Fanch, which had been broadcast into all the staterooms during the port days. The artist sailing was the buzz on the ship -- everyone wanted to come and check out the world renowned artist that Park West Gallery had brought to them.

Park West Gallery prides itself on creating a comfortable and informal environment for people to collect fine art. They understand that art collecting has a veneer of elitism and they succeed in actively demolishing that perception. Bringing art to the people is their mission. Bringing the artist that created the art to the people is even more poignant. Celebrity guests, quickly turned art connoisseurs, had a cruise experience of a lifetime. Many of them will forever own a fine work of art that they will be able to enjoy for the rest of their lives. It will always remind them of the great relationships that were built with the artist and the art dealers while they sailed the seas on the Celebrity Constellation.

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