Monday, November 30, 2009

Park West Collectors Enjoy Latest Art Experience

Park West Galleries can be found onboard cruise ships around the world. The Art Auctioneers maintaining these galleries can enhance your cruise experience by giving you an in depth knowledge of the Park West artists and the Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection. Join in the fun at a Cruise Art Auction and let us know all about it when you get back from vacation.

Statue of Liberty Ver. II #15. Peter Max.We were on the VIP cruise last week and had an absolute ball. We have grown up over the years with Park West having met our first Park West Auctioneer whose name just happened to be Morris Shapiro. When we look back at our art we have bought almost all of our major pieces from you even though we are frequent Princess Cruisers.

I can only say that the treatment from Jen and her group was fantastic from the night in New York until our exit of the bus at LaGuardia. The hospitality was overwhelming.

As for the artwork made available to us it was like putting children in a candy store. We have never seen such numbers of masters displayed with so many choices and needless to say made us buy more than we had anticipated. Travis was fantastic. His lecturing skill could make the most boring subjects into exciting moments.

Bottom line we enjoyed ourselves immensely including meeting Fanch Ledan and his wife, Victor and Linda and her husband. We were lucky enough to sit at dinner with the Ledans and the Kniffs and enjoyed talking with them regarding everything from art to our respective children.

Again we want to thank you for the invitation and especially thank, Jen, Travis, Tim, Justin, and Ann Marie for an exciting and enjoyable week of art and travel.

David and Judy A.
Boca Raton, FL


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