Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Art Auctioneers Run Excellent Cruise Art Auctions

Park West Gallery can be found on cruise ships around the world. Our Cruise Art Auctions are run by excellent Art Auctioneers who enjoy bringing fine artwork into people’s lives. Be sure to check out the Park West Artwork onboard your next cruise, and tell us all about your experience when you get back.

Merchant Girl. Itzchak Tarkay.Just to let you know, we had a great time on the NCL Dawn at the Art Auctions. Erica is on classy lady who knows her stuff. We love the “mystery works.” We are very happy with our purchase and our raffle gift. Not to mention all the free artwork.

In February ’09 we were on the RCCL Radiance. Again, a great auctioneer. We not only made a purchase on this trip but opened your credit card as well.

We are looking forward to our next cruises in March ’10 and in May ’10. The only time we purchase artwork is on our cruise vacations.

Thank you for participating in the cruise industry happenings.

Don & Maryann G.
East Setauket, New York


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