Thursday, December 24, 2009

Art Auctioneers Passionate about Fine Art

Park West Galleries can be found on a variety of cruise ships, and they offer passengers a unique opportunity to view and collect artworks from a multitude of artists. Next time you find yourself cruising, check out the Park West Gallery Collection of artwork onboard.

Umbrella Man on Blends. Peter Max.I would like to compliment two of your employees on the Carnival Ship Glory. The employees are Martin and Roxanna!

You could not have two employees more passionate about art and the desire for everyone to appreciate it and also for everyone to buy art.

We found Martin's seminar on art very interesting and informative. We (my wife and I) learned so many new things about art. I bought several pieces from the artist Peter Max and I am looking forward to displaying them in our home.

Dennis S.
Ridgeville, SC


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