Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Wonderful Park West Weekend

We receive positive comments from Park West Collectors on a regular basis. The topics covered range from feedback on the Park West Gallery Art Collection, to experiences with Art Auctioneers during Cruise Art Auctions, to stories about meeting Park West Gallery Artists – and just about anything else Park West related! If you’ve had an experience with Park West, we’d love to hear about it....

Ashlee and the Park West VIP Team:

I cannot thank you all enough for one of the unforgettable experiences in my life! I’m only so sad that I did not attend the entire event, as now I know what this event means and what it entailed! It was one of the BEST WEEKEND events I've ever attended in my lifetime!

Chris, EJ, Sam, Tiffany, TIMOTHY, LESLIE LEW, and MARKUS:

Love you always,

Darlene J.
Ocean Ridge, FL

Hi EJ,

We want thank you for the invitation and the wonderful weekend full of fun. It was a pleasure meeting you and spending quality time with you and your team, but your care for details was for sure above our expectations. You were the best host we ever have had! In another hand, David and I are very happy to find very rare art as the manuscripts, and we can't wait until the pictures arrive to become part of our home.

Again thank you very much for everything!!!

David & Carla M.
Marco Island, FL

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