Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stellar Art Auctioneer Impresses Collector

We strive to make all of your experiences with Park West at sea enriching and enjoyable. In addition to experiencing the Park West Gallery Art Collection and the Park West artists, it is our hope that you will also meet wonderful new friends along the way. Please keep sharing your latest Park West stories with us.

Rhythm in the Tropics. Alfred Gockel.I am writing this to commend Assistant Art Auctioneer Mario. I have been on 17 cruises and purchased art on almost all of them. My dad and I were so impressed with him that I purchased another piece of art.

I watched him "work the room." He remembered potential buyers by name and also remembered which pieces they showed interest in. After a brief conversation, he approached me with exactly the piece I had in mind. His professionalism and recall was uncanny.

Mario demonstrates all the qualities of a good employee and a great auctioneer. He is a caring professional who puts people at ease. As you know, many individuals have never purchased art and are very leery. He handles them in such a way that they were not reluctant to make purchases.

To reiterate, congratulations to Park West for having such a stellar employee.


Vince M.
Pittsburgh, PA


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