Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Collectors Enjoy Latest Cruise Art Auction

It is always a pleasure to hear from happy collectors, and this recent Park West Gallery customer review is truly a great read. Thank you for sharing your latest Park West experience with us. It sounds like you both had an excellent time deciding what artwork to add to your existing collection. However, we hope that you both enjoy the works of art even more when they are displayed in your home!

My wife and I recently sailed on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas, 12 day Eastern Mediterranean cruise out of Barcelona. We just wanted to give a shout out to our ships auctioneer Werner and his assistant Shaun. Like all the other PWG at sea auctions we have attended, we had a wonderful time and were able to see many wonderful pieces of art. Werner and Shaun did a great job at setting up a fabulous display for each of our 3 auctions, an art talk down in the main atrium and an impromptu display when we had an unexpected sea day due to a port cancellation. They put in a lot of hard work into getting that set up.

Vieux Bouffon Contemplant Des Acrobates II. Pablo Picasso.
We would also like to thank Werner for all the extra time and patience he spent helping us to decide on what special piece of art we wanted to bring home. We were torn between a Rembrandt and a Picasso. Werner and Shaun set up a special quiet display area for us to look at the art more closely and to give us some time to study each piece individually. It was nice to have that area away from all the noise and pedestrian traffic on the ship. Werner sat down with us and explained in more detail the importance and significance of each artwork that helped us tremendously in making up our minds.

We also got to spend some leisurely time away from the gallery with both of them and chatted about art, life, cars and many other things. It was interesting to hear about their different backgrounds and growing up especially with Werner being from South Africa and Shaun in Wisconsin. We were having such a good time that we didn’t even realize we had spent almost 2 hours just hanging out. This was a great pairing by Park West to have these two gentlemen from totally different backgrounds together sharing the common interest of art.

When we had finally made up our minds on what artwork we wanted to purchase, Werner sat down with us and we crunched numbers to make this important purchase happen. If he wasn’t on the phone talking back and or faxing something to Michigan, he was on his calculator. During all this, we found out there were at least three other interested parties looking at the same pieces. I know Werner must have been excited to have so much interest in these two works of art but at the same time, we felt just by the amount of energy he was putting into this, that he really wanted us to have this artwork in our home. In the end, we shook hands on a deal we were all happy with. It was with great pleasure, joy and breathtaking excitement that we were able to walk over to…the Picasso and put a SOLD sign on it. Due to Werner’s skill at number crunching, we were also able to acquire a wonderful Agam. We now had two truly spectacular works to add to our collection of Park West Gallery artwork.

Moon-Noon (black). Yaacov Agam.
Thank you again for helping make this cruise another memorable one by providing such excellent works of art and most importantly, great people like Werner and Shaun.

Patrick and Diana A.
Plantation, FL


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  1. just got back from a cruise to the Carribean on the Mercury. Bruce, Neil and Joe really sold me. I got great deals on Erte,Willardson.Picasso,Hanna Barbera,Rockwell, and Tarkay. Spent a little too much and had a tough time carrying some off but was very pleased with everything. Neil even knew my daughter college roommate who lives in Belize. Richard and Pam Mahany


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