Thursday, March 4, 2010

Art Auctioneer Ignites Passion for Fine Art

The Art Auctioneers running the Park West Galleries onboard cruise ships around the world try there best to not only help you choose the right artwork for your collection, but to educate about Park West artists, artwork, and the art world as a whole. Check out the Park West Cruise Art Auctions onboard your next cruise, and tell us all about your experience when you get back!

Old Tallin. Anatole Krasnyansky.I wanted to provide feedback on the wonderful experience my wife and I had during recent at sea auctions with a particular auctioneer. We cruised the week of February 14 onboard the Liberty of the Seas. I have attended a few auctions over the years but have not been particularly interested in art.

Our first day at sea, my wife and I attended the onboard art auction hosted by Jacqueline. That is where my art adventure began. We attended all the auctions during our cruise and I have Jacqueline to thank for that. She kept her auction moving and yet involved the audience with interaction and providing an education on the artists and their art that she was selling. She made the auctions one of the highlights of our cruise.

Patio sur Riviere. Fanch (Francois Ledan).When boarding the ship, my wife and I had no intention of purchasing any art. By the time the cruise was over we had purchased 5 pieces! I feel you are very fortunate to have someone of the caliber of Jacqueline representing your organization, the feedback can only be positive.

I look forward to expanding our new art interest and continuing my relationship with Park West. Should we be fortunate to run into Jacqueline again on our next cruise that would be something that would make our cruise even more rewarding.


Robert & Daintry H.
Manchester, NH

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  1. Thank you to Maeghan , Rob, Lindsay, and staff for making our weekend event in Greenwich Ct. a memorable event. It was a dream to meet Peter Max, Leslie Lew and Dominick truely great as people as they are artists! We met such nice couples at your event as well as collected some great pieces from these artists as well! We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful event!
    Joe & Cindy New Jersey

  2. I just wanted to say that I had a very similar experience to the couple above when we sailed NCL's Gem with David in March. He was amazing! We too, had no intention of buying any art and left with three pieces.........a collection has begun!! As a matter of fact, I didn't like the cruise as much as the art auction and the only way I would think about cruising again is to buy more art at a great price!

  3. Thanks for the great time in Greenwich! Wonderful event and great art.

  4. Jennifer and Tom, Knoxville TN, USAJuly 10, 2010 at 5:17 AM

    High Praises for Paul and his wonderful staff on the Indenpendence of the Seas- like the couple above my husband and I had no intention of purchasing art when we came on board. The art auctions were just something to do while at sea on a 14 day cruise. Not only did we buy 1 piece we ended up with 3 pieces of art from Igor Medvedev that is grand. So far we have only received the one unframed piece but it just a joy to see. The colors are brilliant and we anxiously await our other 2 larger framed pieces. We can say that the auctions and seminars were a delightful addition to our trip of a life time. Cudos to Paul and his entire staff.


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