Monday, April 25, 2011

Cruise Art Auctions Are Educational and Fun

Dear Park West Galleries,

"Thank you for a new love in our lives — fine art. Our foray started on board a cruise ship, attending one of Park West Gallery's fun, educational auctions. We purchased some art and really enjoyed it. On our next cruise we learned more and collected more. We enjoy your auctioneers and support staff. They are passionate, helpful, friendly and hard working.

We recently had the pleasure of being guests on the Park West Galleries VIP cruise on Norwegian Sun. Thank you very much for this experience. We had a wonderful time! The team did an excellent job of making us feel welcome and special. They amplified the qualities we enjoyed on our other cruises; more passion, more information, exposure to much more art.

Meeting the artists — Alex Gockel, Scott Jacobs and Marko Mavrovich — was an experience we will always be grateful for. Hearing their stories made the art more meaningful and gave us some good insight into the artistic process.

Our appreciation for fine art and our desire to collect has grown by leaps and bounds. We are very pleased with our purchases so far and are so excited to get our newest purchase — a beautiful original Ilyayev. You have made a customer forever."

Chuck, Tracy & Rachel B.
League City, Texas


  1. Loved my first art auction with Carnival Fantasy in July with my sister. Arturo and the girls were great. I will be attending hopefully in September with my husband on the Carnival Fascination and hope to learn more.

    However, I did get a call from the main land Park West Gallery that one of Steve Blooms "Champagne" has been over sold and I could not get what I bid on during the auction. This is sad. I loved this one. They are giving me the choice to replace it with a comparable picture of my choice of another Steve Bloom or refunding the cost of the "Champagne." I wish I didn't have to decide and wish there was a good counting rule of thumb. I DO know the art auctioneers and directors have complete access to satellite internet and communications, so to be off count is a little disappointing in these times with technology. They had to call the main land to make sure I had good credit to get one of their credit cards. I am sure the counting profile/ inventory wouldn't be an issue.

    The "Champagne" was the main picture Arturo started with for the Mystery auction. One reason I bought the whole lot.

  2. Th Art seminars and auctions on the Westerdam Aug 11-18 were such fun and so very edcuational. Thanks to those hardworking people who shared their love and knowledge of art with us. D Taylor

  3. I SHOULD boarding a cruise and paint the sea and oceans, how beautiful!
    A HUG

  4. missed you on the royal carribean cruise line


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