Thursday, March 8, 2012

Park West Gallery Service Surpasses Expectations

Park West Gallery, Dominic Pangborn
"Popism #3 - Stand Up and Cheer" by Dominic Pangborn
Park West Gallery Collection

Dear Park West Gallery,

"Ann and I would like to thank Park West Galleries for the wonderful weekend we just spent at the Ritz. 

You and the rest of the staff made us feel like family. We are novices when it comes to understanding and appreciating art and you and the guest artists made the weekend enjoyable and educational

Ann and I look forward to continuing our learning experience and hope to continue our relationship with Park West Gallery."

Las Vegas, Nevada 
"We just returned home from our NCL Spirit cruise in the Caribbean. We want to tell Park West Gallery 'management' how much we appreciated the service and knowledge of your on-board auction team... (Best we've heard from Park West, and we've heard many.)

We have been very satisfied customers of Park West Galleries for a very long time (our first purchase was in 1993), and the personalized service we received on this cruise even surpassed what we've come to expect from Park West. 

We would very much appreciate your passing on this note through Mr. Scaglione. And, please do pass on our thanks to your Spirit Team."

Little Canada, Minnesota

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