Friday, July 25, 2008

Gateway to an Artful Life

Park West Gallery has launched its brand new website!!

MORE Informative!

MORE Interesting!

MORE Interactive!

Visit Park West Gallery's new website today!!


  1. The new website is customer friendly. I had so many questions about my new purchase and they were all answered without calling.

    There is just so much more information on the new website it has taken me a couple of days to review most of it.

    I also like the fact that I can review other wonderful works of art that I may be interested in purchasing.

  2. I like the new site, very engaging. Real pictures of events with real customers, not perfectly posed models in front of expenseive art. Experiences shared by staff and customers and the artists speak out about their relationships with Park West. Very interactive.

  3. A suggestion, add more art. Let the people on the web see more of what is locked away in the vault. Treasures to be shared.

  4. I like all of the added content to the new site.


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