Thursday, July 3, 2008

Meet the Customer Service Staff: Interviews, Part 1

Park West Customer Service representatives were recently interviewed and asked their thoughts about working at Park West. Here is the response to one of those interview questions and stay tuned for more from Park West Gallery's friendly, caring Customer Service staff!

What are your favorite aspects of working in the Customer Service department at Park West Gallery?
  • "Working with wonderful customers who are thrilled with their purchases and can't wait to get them on the wall!" ~ M.C. (5 yrs.)

  • "Getting to speak with customers all over the world." ~ K.K. (2 yrs.)

  • "I like how we are encouraged to do our work and organize ourselves independently. I also appreciate that we are encouraged to trust our instincts and that management takes the time to listen to our concerns. I actually feel like I am being heard." ~ K.S. (1 yr.)

  • "The opportunity to learn or hear something new, even after all these years." ~ J.K. (8.5 yrs.)

  • "Working with the customers to turn their concerns into a positive situation." ~ M.G. (10 yrs.)

  • "My coworkers are fun, helpful and caring!" ~ E.H. (2 yrs.)


  1. To be in an environment surrounded by beautiful art and the opportunity to meet internationally known artists seems like the ideal place to work.

  2. I used to work for Park West and enjoyed it. If I were to move back to Michigan I would love to work there again. Also, I really like the new website.

  3. Working in a customer service department may not be the most glamorous job but working for Park West, being surrounded by beautiful art sure beats dealing with returns at any of the local stores or back breaking work at the warehouse clubs.


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