Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kinkade Shares the Light with Park West

Thomas Kinkade reflects on Park West Gallery's 40th anniversary:
"Leave it to [Albert] Scaglione to be able to bring together a group of artists that will probably never be assembled again...There is more talent in this room and more positive impact on our culture than probably has ever been gathered in one place...The team here at Park West has been responsible for creating a lot of joy, a lot of inspiration and a lot of beauty...The art that has been created because of the vision of this company is going to be touching lives and I just personally want to say thank you to the team at Park West for sharing the light..."
Listen to Thomas Kinkade, the painter of light.


  1. It’s easy to see why he is the most collected living artist in US history. His art speaks to everyone and so does he.

  2. Kinkade will leave his mark on the art world for generations to come.

  3. Mother loves her Kinkades. You never have to guess what to get her for a birthday or holiday. She says they are peaceful and just make her feel good inside. You can't argue with that, seems it's better medecine than the doctor.

  4. Thomas Kinkade is a talented artist and a brilliant businessman. He is sincere and speaks eloquently of his passions. If you have not had an opportunity to hear him speak check out the video on Park West’s site.

  5. Don't believe all the rumors and stories you read about on the internet and word of mouth that is then passed along by ignorant people. Latest rumor, Kinkade artwork sold by Park West is fake. Do your research and get the facts straight. The works sold by Park West are from Kinkade. Call and check it out.

    Kinkade National Archives
    831-655-5520 x108

    If you want to pass along some facts, at least get the story right!


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