Monday, August 4, 2008

THIS JUST IN! Park West Customers Share Their Thoughts

"July 28, 2008

Dear Parkwest Team,

I wanted to THANK your team for the pleasure to spend a little time visiting with you and for the great art we came home with. I will admit, we are junkies. But you only live once. Thank you for including us in the "Parkwest Family"! Our son smiled all the way home knowing he owns a painting from the artist! We are thankful our son has such a strong appreciation for arts in many forms. We buy for our pleasure and the pleasure we know our son will have in the years to come. We look forward to future events and growing with your artists!

Sincerely, Marie B." (Vancouver, WA)


"August 3, 2008

[Dear Park West],

I want to thank you very much for inviting me to the Resort. It was a beautiful location with excellent services. The events and attending artists were great as usual-Ledan, Markus, and Mavrovich. Chris made the auctions exciting and fun. Park West Gallery staff was friendly and knew everyone's name-very impressive. I am sorry I was unable to attend previous events in Las Vegas, Florida, Michigan and Texas although I appreciated being invited. I hope I will be considered for your next event. When I arrived home, I received a surprise package in the afternoon-pictures from last May's event in Newport Beach. Great job by everyone!

Thanks again, Carol A." (Huntington Beach, CA)


"August 4, 2008

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know of a very recent (last week) experience I had aboard the NCL Spirit regarding Park West. I attended, for the first time, two Art Auctions onboard and had the most fun and enjoyment I've had in a long time. That experience had everything to do with your Auctioneer... Anyway, point of the matter is, his personality, knowledge and how he treats people was just plain "extraordinary", it was a great experience and one that will make this cruise a lasting memory......

Thanks, Bill H."


  1. I'm very pleased to see that you are able to show some real comments from your clients.

  2. I have been a client for about 5 years. I think that I have a problem of buying too many works and not having enough room from them, but I have figured out a way to keep buying. I change all the works in my home 4 times a year. I like changing the works out because then I can add the new works that I have just purchased along with the older ones that I have forgotten about. It’s like I always have something new on my walls. All my friends and family love it. I just wanted to thank Park West for the truly wonderful art that I have collected.

  3. I also share the problem of collecting many works from Park West. I move my art every time I do a major house clean. It allows me to change the color scheme in a room at no cost. Everything looks fresh and new. Guests think I've gone to great expense to purchase new artwork when in fact it's just been moved from it's previous location. Keeps everyone thinking I won the lottery.

  4. Marie is a wise parent. Encouraging art appreciation in children when they are young is important. They have taste, opinion and are the future recipients of our collections. Better they value the joy it brings and the reason we acquired it.


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