Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kind Words of Note

"August 2008

Class of 2008

'If eyes were made for seeing
Then beauty is its own excuse for being.'
~ William Wordsworth

The VIP Tour "Class of 2008" wishes to express its appreciation and gratitude for the generous hospitality and the, perhaps, undeserved rewards we have experienced. Along the way we shared precious time with Peter Max who provided individual greetings and photo ops for each at Ringo's baby grand. Next, we were mesmerized by the flashing Hungarian eyes of Csaba Markus, then soothed by the aqueous tones of Marko Mavrovich who worked as we watched...

From the Park West faculty we gained insight via a graduate cram course in art history. So again, thank you all for demonstrating that out on the boundless sea voyage beyond all horizons in life, we stand on the solid ground of beauty held in our hearts and minds. Since great art sought us out, the Class of 2008 promises to take good and careful care of our ownership.


The VIP Class of 2008"

Marko Mavrovich "Solitude in the Pacific", 2005


  1. Congratulations to the "Class of 2008" on completion of your graduate course. Your expressive letter indicates the experience was a successful one. Sharing the profound knowledge and experience will be a proud reflection of Park West.

  2. Congrats to the Class of 2008 who were lucky to be chosen to be a part of such an experience. The insight to these artists will now be shared with all those you interact with.

  3. Seems it would be a privilege to work for Park West. Not only having access to the beautiful art but also having the opportunity to meet and interact with the great artists they represent. The Class of 2008 is a lucky bunch indeed.

  4. One of the perks working for an art gallery is getting to meet the artists. At Park West, the artists freely walk the halls and stop by the different departments to have a chat or sign an autograph. Max, Tarkay, Agam, Gockel, Pangborn, Marcus Glenn, the list goes on, real people who happen to be incredibly talented.

  5. Does Csaba use models or do the beautiful faces he paints come from his imagination?


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