Friday, August 8, 2008

Even More Kudos to Park West Gallery!

"August 8, 2008

It has been two years since Nancy my wife and I were on the Carnival cruise ship. Enjoying the Bahamas and taking in the the wonderful views of the art work of Park West Gallery. We have friends and family come over to our house and enjoy the works of Alfred Gockel, Arkady Ostritsky, Anatole Krasnyansky( my favorite artist), Linda LeKinff, Marcus Glenn, Neil Farkas, Lebadang, Peter Max. You can tell we love are art work. I remember when I was a custom framer there at Park West over 16 years ago, I met Lebadang in person, a really nice gentleman. I truly miss the art world and the environment. I watched the Park West Gallery tour video online, the gallery is beautiful. My wife Nancy cannot believe how large and beautiful the gallery is. I hope you could tell Albert he has done a fantastic job on the gallery.

Best Wishes,

Nathaniel & Nancy R." (Sterling Heights, MI)


"August 7, 2008

Good morning,

I recently bought some beautiful artwork from Park West on the Carnival cruise ship Inspiration. My dealer/auctioneer was Matt - and he was fantastic! He and his assistants Joseph and Carrie were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and made the entire experience one I will never forget. I especially enjoyed the showing of Destino - thanks for bringing it out to the auctions!

Thank you very much,

Dale H." (Riverview, FL)


"August 7, 2008

Thanks [Park West]!!! My mom and I went on a cruise a few weeks ago and really had a lot of fun with the Park West employees there. We would like to let them know how we appreciated them.... It was Sebastian, Casey and Trevor on the Adventure of the Seas ship with Royal Caribbean.


Aleesa B."


"August 5, 2008

Kudos to Leslie!

Leslie, has always treated us with kindness and understanding. She also handled [any] issues in an expeditious manner. We look forward to working with her in the future.

~ Thomas & Louise M.
" (Hallandale Beach, FL)


"August 5, 2008

[Dear Appraisal Department]

Thank you so much for responding so quickly and sending out the [certificates of authenticity]. I have always been very happy with the service [Park West] has offered. My wife and I are interested in acquiring new appraisals. We will be in touch shortly. Once again, thank you for your time and diligent efforts.

~ Javier G." (Miami, FL)


  1. WOW!! There are lots of good comments.

    I have also had a pleasant experience with Park West and there client service department.

    The Client service department is most helpful and willing to resolve any issues that I may have had. They need an award of some kind.

    Keep up the great and outstanding work.

  2. I’m not embarrassed to say “I am a perfectionist”, guilty, it’s the truth. My children are embarrassed, they tell me all the time (mom, just stop, it’s ok). We ordered several pieces from Park West to be framed CP what ever that means, I don’t care, I was promised it would be framed the same way I saw it. I received my first piece and the frame was (I say imperfect) my children said (what’s the problem, looks fine to me), I called anyway. The representative was more than receptive to my missive complaint, asked a few questions and the art was going to be picked up and reframed. No problem, no cost to me, no inquisition, no accusation. The conversation was over is less than 5 minutes and that included when and where it should be picked up, an address confirmation and an apology. I usually get at minimum a 30-minute call, supervisors, managers or administrative staff included due to my inclination. Why was it so easy to communicate with one individual (my children ask). She responded to all of my questions and acted on my demands. My children laugh at my missive. They repeat there was nothing wrong where I saw imperfection (nothing in life if perfect, it’s all real). They did have praise that the individual I talked to was smart enough to grasp my dementia and agree to my demands. I’m still thinking about that one, it smarts a little don’t you think? I believe I love and hate the Internet. My children feel I use it as free therapy. Better to consult many not just one, don’t you think? Everyone has a personal experience and looking for feedback.


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