Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Park West Gallery Newsletter Editors

The Park West Gallery Newsletter staff is so appreciative of all of the thoughtful words we receive from our readers. Here are just a few of the kind responses and we look forward to publishing even more in upcoming issues!

"Meeting all the artists at the 40th Anniversary Event in Detroit was so exciting. Meeting, socializing and hearing each artist explain what motivates them to paint has given us the desire to collect additional art from artists we had previously not noticed. Our favorites have been the ones we naturally were drawn to at each showing, but now, we will enlarge our art collection with new artist. Park West Gallery was such an exciting place to be and meet and greet with so many wonderful people who love art. We made new friends of other art lovers and artists. Thank you for this enriching experience. A memorable moment for us was the night Albert and his wife sat at our table and gave us details of their work with the Girls Home. How wonderful they help with the blessings that God has provided with others in need. We love the newsletter! It is great to be advised of up to date happenings with Park West Gallery." Charles & Dutchie W. ~ Sherwood, Arizona

"Thank you very much for the newsletter. We purchased 7 Rembrandt etchings on one of our cruises and a Tarkay painting. I am so happy with them and am ready to start looking again. You have a great gallery and wonderful paintings. Jordon and his staff were outstanding. Looking forward to doing business with you again." Eldon & Jeanne B. ~ Blue Earth, Minnesota

"Thank you for the newsletter. We have many pieces of art acquired from Park West Gallery via various cruise lines and our house is full of a variety of styles and images which totally intrigue our neighbors, friends and family." Gloria & Mike S. ~ Kelowna, B.C. Canada

"I have bought at least a dozen [Park West] pieces for my home and office. Each one has a personal connection with an event or stage in my life. For example, after returning from seeing Chagall's painting atop the Paris Opera House, I bought the same theme in Le Dance. Right now, I am looking at Chagall's lithograph of a female figure overlooking a Village. I got it at auction right after my mom passed and it reminds me of her presence and caring every day at work." Chas C. ~ Bethesda, Maryland

"I just received your newsletter and couldn't stop reading. We are great admirers of Park West Gallery's people as well as the beautiful and unique art pieces you offer. The greatest part of being part of the 'Park West Family' is meeting the artists, and if lucky, learning more about THEIR PASSION in their craft. Thank you for the experiences we have been able to share." Kenn & Marie B. ~ Camas, Washington

"Thank you for this great [newsletter]. My wife and I have purchased a few pieces of work from Park West and have never been disappointed." Larry N. ~ Chanute, Kansas

"Thank you for the newsletter. It is another way for those who bought artwork to keep informed and to continue to be educated by those who really know and understand the present world of art. My wife and I continue to enjoy our artwork we have accumulated over the years, mostly from Park West." Kurt & Wilma P. ~ Denver, North Carolina

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