Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Park West Gallery CEO Offers Expert Tips on Art Collecting

Albert Scaglione, Park West Gallery
Albert Scaglione, CEO of Park West Gallery, is featured in the Spring 2009 issue of Centralight: Central Michigan University Alumni Magazine. In the article entitled Art for All: Gallery Owner Spreads Joy of Appreciation, writer Barbara Sutherland Chovanec spoke to Scaglione about his mission to "make art accessible to everyone" and got his 5 Expert Tips for art collectors.

Scaglione explained, "It's invigorating - the idea that we can get more people exposed to art. Our business model has been to get the art to the people. We very much love to be the people who teach you and introduce you to art."

To help achieve his goal, the founder of Park West Gallery donates significant gifts of artwork to various institutions and universities, including Central Michigan, in order to create what Scaglione calls "living museums."

How to Buy Fine Art: Albert Scaglione, founder and owner of Park West Gallery, offers 5 Expert Tips to help collectors have a positive art-buying experience:
  1. Let your own taste drive you. Buy what you like, not what someone else says you should like.
  2. Do your research. Find out about the artist, if the price seems logical, whether or not there have been previous owners and where the art has been displayed.
  3. Know who you're dealing with - the artist or the company. Be sure the people who are selling your art to you know what they're talking about.
  4. Consider an appraiser. They have the resources to do research for you.
  5. Enjoy your choice. You should experience joy - an uplifting feeling.
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  1. We have been collecting with Park West since 1974 and are thrilled with recent purchases, and still love our original selections. It proves that if you buy the art that speaks to you or moves will become a part of your life!


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