Friday, August 28, 2009

Art Auctioneer Makes a Lasting Impression

Dear Park West Gallery:

Blushing Beauty on Blends. Peter Max. 2006.This past cruise was my husband and my 9th cruise. Since cruise #2 we have been going to the art auctions onboard. Hands down, the art crew that you had on our latest cruise was the absolute best!!!! Catherine was phenomenal. I purchased what I consider some of the best artwork to add to my collection, including a Peter Max, which I have wanted for years.

Catherine's knowledge of the artists and their works brought all of us into a world that few have made me feel comfortable in. She was by far the best art auctioneer that I have dealt with, and I have been to many onboard auctions.

She was not pushy, she did not get upset when no one bid on certain pieces, she included everyone in the auction even those who were not planning to buy, she guided the buyers to artists that she knew we would be happiest with, she made the entire experience a pleasure and kept me coming back for more with her various informative meetings about certain types of art, when obviously there were plenty of other things to do on the ship.

Catherine's staff was so supportive, friendly, helpful, and like Catherine, very compassionate. The staff included Samantha, Jacques, and Mark. My only hope is that when we go on another cruise next year, these wonderful, wonderful people will be present again.

My husband and I feel that we have encountered the absolute best that Park West has to offer, and I know that when I go to my next onboard auction, I will be drastically comparing that art crew to the fabulous crew that we had the pleasure to deal with on our recent cruise.

Keep up the good work Catherine, Samantha, Mark, and Jacques. And Park West, congratulations on having 4 such wonderful people working for you.


Rosemarie D.
Milford, MA


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